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The Infimax Quick Slim product is a weight loss / cellulite burning cream that is marketed by InfimaxUSA. The product is displayed on a website aimed more at selling than providing information. There is little to say about the product or the manufacturer, simply due to a lack of information.


No list of ingredients could be found.

Product Features

Providing information on the Infimax Quick Slim cellulite cream is as easy as searching “cellulite cream”. All creams of this nature claim to spot reduce the look of cellulite, making the body look slimmer and more radiant. The combination of astringents, moisturizers and skin toning products, may make the skin look better, but the cellulite will remain long after the Infimax Quick Slim is absorbed.

There are no ingredient listings for the Infimax Quick Slim, so if there was a magical ingredient in this formula setting it apart from the hundreds of other spot reducers, there would be no way for the visitor to see that information. The InfimaxUSA website offers detailed contact information including the address of retail stores that sell the Infimax product line. Most of the products on the website for sale are physical minimizers. This leads us to believe that the manufacturers do not believe the product will work either.

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  • May help aid in moisturizing the skin.


  • No cream can reduce the look of cellulite.
  • There is no way to order the product online.
  • There are no testimonials for the Infimax Quick Slim.
  • The website also sells body minimizers.


The InfimaxUSA website sells some very useful minimizers. For both women and men who want to reduce the look of the fat around the mid section, these minimizers can work temporary wonders. However, the Infimax Quick Slim cellulite reducing cream is not a product aimed at weight loss. The cream may moisturize the skin, but there is no way of knowing whether or not the product is worth the money, because no price is listed. In searching through other online reviews of this product, the list price was reported as $19.95 or less. That is too much money to pay for a lotion.

In order to lose weight, products like the Infimax Quick Slim lotion are a waste of money. There is little reason to spend dollars on a lotion when you need to be purchasing a fat burner and an appetite suppressant.

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2 User Reviews about Infimax Quick Slim

  • 1
    Ms. QBecki

    I’ve used this for three years prior to the Army Bodyfat test and it helps every time. Once you apply it and wrap with saran wrap with a minimizer you will see results. The ingredients include menthol, camphor,


  • 2
    terry wallace

    I need to know if I got credit on some product that I sent back.