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Infinit manufactures a series of sports and nutrition drink powders. According to the company’s official website, it is important to get the correct balance of protein, carbohydrates and electrolytes for the task being accomplished and Infinit has several formulations for different sports including triathlon, cycling, running, MTB, adventure, swimming, rowing and team sports. Infinit also makes a “recovery” powder in three flavors to rebuild glycogen levels, repair damaged muscle tissue, and boost the immune system.

As well as the formulations above, Infinit also allows its customers to custom blend their own formulation. The customer chooses the flavor, the carbohydrate blend, the required calories per serving, the electrolyte level, and whether it contains caffeine or not. Most of the Infinit products are in the $35-$40 range but the website does not provide the number of servings per container. This makes it difficult to assess the cost per serving or be able to compare Infinit products to competitive sports drinks.

All of the Infinit products can be purchased directly from the website. We like to see this as cutting out the middle man generally results in lower prices for consumers. Infinit offers a 30-day guarantee. According to the website, if the customer is not happy, Infinit will re-customize a blend. If the customer is still not happy with the new blend, the purchase price will be refunded. We like to see a money-back guarantee as it not only allows the customer to purchase with confidence, it also shows that the manufacturer stands behind and believes in the product.


We were very disappointed to see that Infinit does not list its products’ ingredients on its website. This makes it difficult for those with allergies and sensitivities to determine if the product is right for them. It also does not allow consumers to assess how effective the products might be or whether they contain any “filler”.

Product Description

Infinit has several different pre-formulated products for different sports or tasks. For example, the Pre-Race Hydration Formula is low in calories and high in electrolytes for those athletes who want to electrolyte-load before a long race. The Under 2 Hour Sprint Formula is high in glucose for short but high-energy bursts of speed.

The Infinit sports drinks come in many flavors like lemon lime, orange, and fruit punch, mimicking many other sports drink flavors on the market.

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  • Custom formulations allow customers to develop the product to meet their specific needs
  • Money-back guarantee offered
  • Can purchase products directly from the manufacturer’s website


  • No full ingredient listing offered
  • No product samples or trial sizes offered


As far as sports drinks go, Infinit has an advantage over its competitors in that it is customizable, an important feature for professional athletes. Its money-back guarantee allows customers to try the product without risk, however, we would have liked to have seen product samples offered. All in all, Infinit appears to be a reasonable choice for professional athletes looking for a sports drink.

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