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What You Should Know

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Infinite Labs boasts a combined 40 years of industry experience. They offer an ample line of supplements for all phases of your workout and training routines. This line of products does seem easy to use but are most likely intended for more advanced fitness consumers. The products are powdered mixes you would use with water.

This line of supplements includes Juggernaut for mental and physical energy along with muscle mass benefits and plasma hydration. CarnoCre, which is a stimulate free drink mix to maintain endurance and fight off work-out fatigue. And finally, Massport, which according to Infinite labs website, is a “post-workout myotrophic stimulus reinforcer ”. This product is for the serious body builder and fitness enthusiast.

List of Ingredients

A full list of ingredients are posted on each product on their website.

Product Features

The Infinite Labs product line aims to assist men and women with boosting muscle gain and increasing metabolism. Juggernaut utilizes a unique Glyco-Core Plasma Expander . This allows the user to heighten endurance levels, prevent fatigue and dehydration and deliver nutrients for endurance and power. Juggernaut is a pre-workout powder that you consume by mixing with water. CarnoCre is a complete beta alanine-creatine supplement to maximize productivity in your workout and encourages the generation of lean mass. It battles against the buildup of lactic acid in your muscles which in-turn keeps you from experiencing fatigue. Massport assists in post-workout gains to shape muscles, add strength and enhance recovery. All of these benefits are important when developing your key attributes of muscle building in serious fitness training.

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  • A full line of pre and post workout supplements.
  • Products for Mass Action body builders.
  • Several flavors are offered in each supplement.
  • You can read the labels of ingredients on each product page on the web site.
  • The price point is fairly standard for what is offered on the market today


  • Some products are only intended for Mass Action users and not recommended for everyone.
  • The official website does not clarify how long they have been in business or mention any success stories.
  • They have very few testimonials..


There are so many diet and supplement choices on the market determining which works best for you will take some trial and error. Taste and ease of use will ultimately determine what you stick with. Supplements are costly if you are just experimenting so you should find what elements of this system that are right for you and see if the products make a difference in how you look and feel. The products are not reviewed by the FDA.

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