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The Infrared Sauna Spa is a device used to increase weight loss and detox the body. At the heart of the saunas functionality is sweat. The Infrared Sauna Spa heats up to temperatures of 125 degrees. Unlike the steam saunas that can heat up in excess of 160 degrees, the Infrared Sauna Spa aims to provide warmth without the chance of overheating.


Infrared Sauna Spa.

Product Features

There are several online retailers specializing in the Infrared Sauna Spa. The price of the sauna ranges with the common price being about $2500.00. Many of the Infrared Sauna Spa kits come ready to assemble with a traditional wall plug operating the heated room.

The Infrared Sauna Spa is comprised of four walls and a roof. There are benches located inside the Infrared Sauna Spa where users can sit and relax in the heat of the sauna. The heating element on many of the Infrared Sauna Spas uses the same amount of energy as a household toaster, thus the cost of operation is very low. The distributors of the Infrared Sauna Spa claim the infrared rays are more effective than traditional saunas. According to one manufacturer, the infrared rays reach as far as two inches into the body producing more sweat and thus increasing the detoxing ability of the sauna. There are no scientific studies listed involving the use of the Infrared Sauna Spa in detox and weight loss.

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  • The Infrared Sauna Spa is readily available online.
  • The spa is easy to assemble and set up in the home.


  • The cost of the spa may be too much for the average dieter.
  • There is no real weight loss involved, just water loss from sweat.
  • The claims focus more on detox than weight loss.
  • There is no scientific evidence that detox improves weight loss.


The Infrared Sauna Spa is not a weight loss product. Despite the fact that many online retailers offer the product with claims of weight loss, the product does not support losing real weight, just water weight. In order to lose weight, the best choice is a weight loss supplement that increasing the body’s natural fat burning ability and suppresses the appetite at the same time. The high cost of the Infrared Sauna Spa is another reason many dieters may not be able to take part in the sweat detox plan supported by the Infrared Sauna Spa. We cannot support a product that does not help the user to lose real weight at this time.

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3 User Reviews about Infrared Sauna Spa

  • 1
    Yunling Ren

    Is there a product that is small enough just to cover the body but provide the same benefit as an infrared sauna room? If so, is it required to have FDA approval?


  • 2
    Pamela Gill

    there are reports of healings of arthritis etc. Also “well=being” promotion of the far infra-red sauna.
    Not only weight loss but many benefits. we are looking at getting one. How can we read testimonials? How long have they been available? Anti-aging factors? We want overall health benefits — Thanks a lot



    I have a infrared sauna. I was paying 40$ a month @ the gym to use it. i paid 1300 for a 2 person one from costco. Since i have started using it regularly, i have seen many improvements. My skin has become perfect, my aches and pains gone! i train 5 times a week, and this thing keeps me going. Also my face has gotten noticeably smaller. Although keep in mind its water weight. There are more pros than cons, and its been one of my best purchases of all time!