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What You Should Know

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Infusium Tea offers various blends of tea that all claim to burn 157 times the fat of standard green tea. Infusium Tea Inc. is the manufacturer and this company has offices in New York and New Jersey, although it also flies in Oolong tea from the Fujian Province of China. This region of China is well known for producing very high quality teas. The company’s signature Infusium weight-loss tea is Wu Long Tea. This tea is partially oxidized, and is said to have been grown in China for hundreds of years.

Infusium Teas contain a large number of anti-oxidant polyphenols and flavonoids and some studies suggest these may help activate certain enzymes in the body that help break down fat. Many types of tea also have a mild thermogenic effect, and also provide a boost to your metabolic rate. The official Infusium Tea website claims Wu Long tea can burn more calories than your average green tea, revitalize dying skin cells, fight free radicals, and even reduce plaque build-up on your teeth.

List of Ingredients

A dried blend of green and black teas sealed in foil pouches.

Product Features

Infusium Tea offers its Wu Long tea in double sized bags, which is nice. A standard tea bag will need to steep for awhile, and may not offer the bold flavor you might like. By doubling the size of the bag, the steeping time is reduced and the potency and flaovor of the tea is increased. This makes it perfect for iced tea in large pitchers.

The biggest selling point of Infusium Teas is the all natural health benefits that are associated with the tea. Various studies have shown that drinking tea regularly may improve your overall health and contribute to a slight metabolic boost. This means that if you do drink this tea often, you might lose a few pounds without changing your daily lifestyle.

Infusium Tea offers everything you could need on their official website. You will find tea bags, loose teas, teapots, and even a Wu Long Tea Powder so you can easily make your tea on the go.

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  • Tea can improve your overall health if you drink it regularly.
  • All natural ingredients. Just tea.


  • The actual weight loss effects of Infusium Tea will be slight.
  • Contains caffeine equivalent to a standard cup of tea.
  • Does not contain any appetite suppressants.


While various types of tea are supposed to improve your overall health, you aren’t going to lose a significant amount of weight with Infusium Tea alone. You will have to incorporate this product into a lifestyle that includes healthy eating and exercise if you want to see tangible results. If you love tea, especially Infusium Tea which is hard to get in some areas, you may want to order a small amount to see if you like it. If you are serious about losing weight, we recommend using a diet supplement that combines a fat burner with an appetite suppressant, although drinking this tea probably won’t hurt.

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