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Serious Nutrition Systems claims the key to building bigger, stronger muscles is anti-estrogen supplementation. Estrogen curtails the effects of testosterone. In the average male, low estrogen levels helps maintain mood, sex drive and virility. When bodybuilding, more testosterone means larger muscles that grow faster – or at least that’s what supplement manufacturers want the dieter to believe. Inhibit-E is the anti-estrogen supplement created by Serious Nutrition Systems. The supplement sells for $32.95 from the official website. Bodybuilders may be able to find it from a third-party retailer for much less.

List of Ingredients

3,17-keto-etiochol-triene– 25 mg.

Product Features

Serious Nutrition Systems is serious about their anti-estrogen formula – it contains only one ingredient, but that ingredient is quite a doozy. Inhibit-E or 3,17-keto-etiochol-triene is also known as ADT. Several bodybuilding companies offer this supplement as an anti-estrogen, but there is a problem with the product. The only ingredient binds to aromatase in fat tissues. The bind is irreversible, so once estrogen levels are reduced, they will not return to normal levels.

Herbal supplements like Inhibit-E cause a positive test for the steroid boldenone. For this reason, professional and amateur athletes should not use supplements containing 3,17-keto-etiochol-triene. There is no mention in the literature about how long the positive test results last after taking the supplement. ATD and products like Inhibit-E are available in oral and topical solutions.

There is no mention of the supplement causing a positive drug test in the product description. Bodybuilders should know that if they are caught taking a supplement like Inhibit-E, they could be banned from competition.

Inhibit-E does not increase testosterone levels, but it does decrease estrogen levels. This indirectly causes testosterone concentrations to be higher. There are no clinical links verifying the effect of higher testosterone concentrations on muscle building.

Serious Nutrition Systems suggests using Inhibit-E on-cycle, post cycle therapy and fat loss cycle. May be used by steroid users to reduce the effect of steroids on estrogen levels.

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  • Will decrease estrogen levels.
  • May increase testosterone concentrations in the body due to reduced estrogen.


  • May cause a positive drug test for steroids.
  • Illegal for use in competitive sports.
  • Irreversible effects.
  • May be formulated for use with steroids.
  • Does not increase testosterone levels.


Inhibit-E is not a supplement we would suggest the bodybuilder take for improved muscle mass. The effects of the supplement are irreversible, despite the fact that the company does not list this in the product description. The supplement is not banned, but if the competitor takes the supplement it will cause a positive drug test for steroids leading to ejection from the competition or worse.

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