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Innerlight Inc. is a company that manufactures various nutritional supplements and beauty aids, and is committed to letting you experience “inner health and outer beauty”. Innerlight Inc. uses the theory that, as you age, your cells lose some of their innate natural energy because they aren’t receiving the nutrients they need to function at their most optimal levels. Innerlight Inc. focuses its diet products on the whole, natural foods demographic.

Innerlight Inc. believes that fresh foods are a greater source of natural energy, and that when foods are processed they lose a great deal of their natural energy. The problem is supposedly solved by this company by using a “Micro-ionization” technique that allows nutrients to be directly absorbed into your cells so they can be used immediately. The official website for Innerlight Inc. claims multiple times that you could even experience an active energy level similar to that of a child by using this product.

The official Innerlight Inc. website also places a great deal of emphasis on maintaining a proper pH balance in your body, and offers a few products to help you achieve this. Whether this will actually help you with weight loss is not very well documented.

List of Ingredients

Innerlight Inc. offers various products on it’s official website. We will list the ingredients in just a couple.

Garden Veggie Mix ingredients: Peas, Carrots, Black Olives, Broccoli, Kale, Red Peppers, Sea Salt, White Onions, Sautéed Onions (Safflower oil) Ancho Pepper, Cumin, Smoked Paprika.

LL Prime pH ingredients: De-mineralized water and sodium chlorite ion as sodium (5% ) in an aqueous solution. This is a unique and proprietary form of CLO2.

Product Features

Innerlight Inc. has a decent sized selection of health foods, pH balancers, skin care products, and supplements. We couldn’t find any particular product that is 100% related to the diet industry, but there are some products that people who live a “green” lifestyle might find appealing and potentially helpful when in comes to weight loss.

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  • The Innerlight Inc. products seem to consist of very simple ingredients with no fillers.
  • The SuperGreens powder is full of vitamins and nutrients that have been proven to contribute to general health.


  • No products by Innerlight Inc. seem specially geared for those looking to lose weight.
  • Testimonials are non-existant.
  • No products contain any fat burners or weight loss ingredients of any kind.


Innerlight Inc. doesn’t claim to offer products that are guaranteed to make you lose weight, and the official website never says that you will. This company seems to be more interested in the overall well being of your body. If these products actually increase your energy level and help your body become balanced overall, there is a chance you could drop some weight, but most of the Innerlight Inc. products come across more as general health vitamin supplements than as products that are specifically intended to help users lose weight.

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