Innocleanse 7 Day Colon Cleanse Review

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What You Should Know

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Innocleanse 7 Day Colon Cleanse is formulated to support regular bowel movements. The supplement is comprised of two parts – HerbRx and LaxRx. HerbRx is used in every Innocleanse product. A secondary supplement is added to each Innocleanse product like the Innocleanse 7 Day Colon Cleanse.

List of Ingredients

HerbRx – Yellow Dock root (Rumex crispus), Barberry Root (Berberis vulgaris), Chamomile Flower (Matricaria chamomila), Cascara Sagrada Bark (Rhamnus purshiana), Dandelion root (Taraxacum officinale), Sage leaf (Salvia officinalis), Sarsaparilla Root (Smilax species), Burdock Root 4:1(Artium Lappa).

LaxRx – Psyllium seed husk, Aloe vera, Prune powder.

Product Features

HerbRx, the main formula in Innocleanse 7 Day Colon Cleanse contains enough natural laxatives and diuretics to work as a standalone colon cleansing product. Yellow Dock Root is a diuretic as are Barberry Root, Dandelion Root and Burdock Root. Four total diuretics in the formula make for many trips to the bathroom throughout the day. Diuretics can quickly deplete fluid supplies in the body and throw off electrolyte levels. This can lead to illness and death.

Cascara Sagrada is another ingredient in HerbRx. This natural laxative is touted as being gentle but some consumers report feeling gas, bloating and cramps when taking Cascara. In addition to this laxative, the LaxRx portion of the Innocleanse 7 Day Colon Cleanse brings three more laxatives into the picture. Psyllium Husk is known as a bulk forming laxative that requires lots of water to work properly. Without enough water, the husks can bind waste, which later gets stuck in the body causing constipation. Aloe Vera and Prune Powder are also natural laxatives.

There is no information on the official Innovite website about taking Innocleanse 7 Day Colon Cleanse with at least 64 ounces of water a day. The large number of diuretics and laxatives in the formula make water intake crucial for the cleanse to work. On some level, Innocleanse 7 Day Colon Cleanse could be more harmful than helpful if the user does not drink enough water throughout the day.

A total of eight capsules are directed each day for seven days. The supplement sells for $28.49 through a third party retailer. Innovite does not directly sell any of their products.

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  • An ingredient list is published online.
  • The product is priced comparably to competitor colon cleansing products.


  • Multiple diuretics and laxatives.
  • No mention of adding more water to the diet when taking the product.
  • Psyllium husk can swell in the throat if not consumed with enough water.
  • People taking prescription diuretics should not take Innocleanse 7 Day Colon Cleanse.


Innocleanse 7 Day Colon Cleanse is created to gently cleanse the bowel system. There is nothing gentle about four diuretics and four laxatives. The body could be so depleted of water after 7 days that health could be impaired.

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