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What You Should Know

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Innovative Body Enhancement, or IBE, offers supplements on the cutting edge of technology. Typically, these supplements will include a long list of ingredients with lengthy names and nearly no outside scientific support. The official website for Innovative Body Enhancement uses muscle bound men and scientific terms to convince consumers the company has something more to offer than the competitor.

List of Ingredients

X-Force – Caffeine, Methylhexaneamine and Sulbitamine.

X-Lean – Androstentriol and 7-beta-hydroxy-DHEA.

X-Dream 2 – No ingredients listed.

Reverse – Triacetylated Resveratrol, Shilajit and Glutathionylcobalamin.

Matrix Energy Drink – Sodium Citrate, Taurine, Natural Guarana, Caffeine, Pelargonium graveolens extract, Hordenine and Vinopocetine.

Matrix Energy Capsules – No ingredients listed.

Product Features

Innovative Body Enhancement offers a big show and nothing to back up the hype. The supplements in the product line are certainly science based, but there are a few oldie but goody ingredients. Caffeine, for instance, is used in several of the supplements. Caffeine has been proven to increase heart rate when taken in supplement or liquid form. This is the reason many people choose coffee as their morning drink of choice. In supplements, this increased heart rate is associated with increased metabolism and weight loss. This is where the clinical support stops.

In X-Force, Innovative Body Enhancement uses the name Sulbitamine instead of Vitamin B1. Sulbitamine is simply a synthetic derivative of the vitamin. The other ingredient in X-Force is Methylhexaneamine, which was once marketed by Eli Lily as a medication for relief of sinus congestion. This ingredient is used in other countries and a main source of energy for party drugs.

X-Lean does not offer much more benefit to the dieter. Androstentriol is a derivative of DHEA that supports a healthy immune system. The remaining ingredient is 7-beta-hydroxy-DHEA. Both forms of DHEA are supposed to block cortisol. Cortisol can aid in the accumulation of abdominal fat, but the claims of blocking the effects of cortisol are unfounded.

Innovative Body Enhancement uses some sketchy tactics to convince the dieter or consumer to try their products. At nearly $70 a bottle for each of the supplements, there needs to be more science and fewer bogus claims. The supplements are not proven to work and there are no links supporting any of the ingredients, even those that have been tested by outside sources.

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  • Some ingredient lists are published online.


  • Supplements are priced higher than comparable products.
  • Innovative Body Enhancement uses scientific names for common ingredients.
  • Some ingredients are used as party drugs in countries outside the United States.


IBE or Innovative Body Enhancement does not offer anything innovative to the dieting consumer. The product line is awfully light for the huge claims of breakthrough technology and supplements on the edge of science.

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