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Innovative Laboratories is a company that markets, formulates and sells natural supplements. The company specializes in private labeling, which means any of the products found on the website can be marketed under several different names. Private labeling is quickly becoming the business of choice as the number of people living in obesity rises and fitness becomes more and more crucial to the human race. Unfortunately for the dieter, private labeling of supplements could mean identical product formulas under limitless names. The consumer would thus be buying the same product over and over again.

List of Ingredients

Herbals, Nutraceuticals, Vitamins, Minerals, Specialty Liquids, Male Formulas, Female Formulas, Amino Acids and Over the Counter Supplements.

Product Features

None of the supplements on the official Innovative Laboratories website offer a list of ingredients or source of the natural herbs or vitamins used in each product. Visitors cannot read or research anything about the company unless a contact or line of communication is started. The website is more about listing the potential products an outside company can market to their group of followers versus offering consumers the right to buy directly from the company.

We could not find any weight loss supplements sold by Innovative Laboratories. There are caffeine supplements, herbal supplements and vitamins that could all be used by the dieter, but the complete package with increased fat burn, metabolism and appetite suppression is not something Innovative Laboratories sells.

Pricing information is not listed on the official website. Due to the creation and printing of a private label, the cost of the supplement will be higher. However, supplements sold through Innovative Laboratories are supposed to be used to make money – thus the price could be lower than comparable herbs and vitamins.

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  • A complete list of supplements is included on the website.
  • Several fat burning ingredients – like caffeine – are available for sale.


  • No prices are listed.
  • Consumers cannot buy the products directly from Innovative Laboratories.
  • Supplements are available for private labeling and resale.


Private labeling companies may have the ability to sell supplements cheaper than other companies, but the consumer would have no idea what ingredients are used in each supplement. In order to find out anything about the Innovative Laboratories products the visitor would have to contact the Innovative Laboratories company. The information may not be revealed in order to protect the identities of the companies would purchase private labels of the available supplements.

The official website for Innovative Laboratories offers little information. This does not make for a good customer experience. Fat burning supplements are created and phase out every day, so the dieter must find a weight loss solution that has been around longer and maintained the use of proven ingredients. Testimonials are also a great sign that people are buying and trying different products.

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