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The Inovacure system of weight loss is centered on protein, vitamins and minerals. According to the official Inovacure website, the user will take part in a 14 day slimming program aimed at focusing the body on the best proteins for weight loss. The Inovacure system was created by Dr. George Blackburn, a Harvard University nutritional specialist.


Proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Product Features

The Inovacure system promotes fast weight loss with appetite suppression and a slimmed down version of your former self. Other benefits of the program listed include healthier skin, increased energy and muscle protection. After reading through the online literature, the concept behind the Inovacure system becomes clear. This program is another low carbohydrate program. The system claims to provide the body with lean proteins such as those present in fish, meat and eggs. After just 12 hours on the program, the body will have used up all the carbohydrate stores and this results in fat burning instead of carbohydrate burning for energy fuel. The same guidelines are the ones listed for the Atkins diet that has been debated for many years.

The program consists of ready to eat foods. There are 42 protein pouches, 14 high protein bars, Vitamins, Minerals and a starting guide for the program. While there is contact information on the Inovacure website, there is no information on how to buy the products. There is no medical interaction with the program so this diet does not have to be administered by a doctor. There is, however, a link to learn how to become a licensed retailer for the Inovacure system.

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  • High protein diets help curb hunger.
  • Low carbohydrate diets result in weight loss.
  • There is an official website for Inovacure.
  • There is contact information on the Inovacure website.


  • There are no details how to buy the product.
  • The website offers no information on where to find a store.
  • High proteins diets are nothing new in the weight loss community.


The Inovacure plan may help users to lose more weight than a traditional eating plan alone, but there is no information on how to buy the products. If the Inovacure system is perfect for people who want to lose weight faster, there should be some information on how to buy the system. The website is more aimed at marketing the retailing rights for the Inovacure products than selling the system to people who want to lose weight.

While high protein diets may work, there is no shortage of free online information on these lower carbohydrate plans. The key to weight loss is a combination of a great diet and a weight loss supplement that contains a fat burner and an appetite suppressant.

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