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What would it take to achieve insane results? According to world-class track and field athlete Shaun T, all one needs is Insanity Deluxe. This exercise program focuses on sports interval training as well as abdominal exercises and upper body strength conditioning. We found several of Shaun T’s DVD’s similar in their approach. They seem to focus on the experienced athlete instead of the average dieter looking to improve overall health. We will take a closer look to see if Insanity Deluxe is any different than the rest.

List of Ingredients

Set of two DVD’s focusing on sports interval training and abdominal exercises.

Product Features

Insanity Deluxe is two disc exercise routine from world-class athlete Shaun T. The DVD’s feature routines focusing on sports interval training as well as abdominal training. Included free is an upper-body strength conditioning DVD, a non-slip mat and a body fat tester.

Taking a closer look at Insanity Deluxe, we found the routine are similar to previous offerings from Shaun T. Repetition could possibly cause boredom with some individuals. We also found Insanity Deluxe not suitable for the average dieter. The exercises involve intense sequences of jumping and squatting with little to no rest periods. We also found there are not lower impact alternatives seen in traditional exercise DVD’s.

Insanity Deluxe is available on the official website for $120. The product is expensive considering what the dieter receives. Three DVD’s, a mat and a body fat tester does not present itself as a value for the cost conscience dieter. Similar exercise routines, Shaun T offers a diet plan, but Insanity Deluxe does not. Performing extreme exercises will assist with weight loss, but will not be effective if an individual’s diet is not appropriate.

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  • Available on the official website.


  • Repetitive moves.
  • Not designed for the average dieter.
  • Does not offer diet recommendations.
  • Time consuming.
  • Additional equipment is extra.
  • Expensive.


Shaun T offers a great product with the Insanity Deluxe workout. We expected the Insanity Deluxe to mimic his sports-related background. We were right. Insanity Deluxe is merely a two DVD set featuring sports interval training and abdominal exercises. This is the same routines offered in similar Shaun T promoted routines. Individuals receive a free upper body routine, but again it’s similar to earlier offerings. The only positive of Insanity Deluxe is individuals receive a body fat tester. The unfortunate side is no information is given on the proper usage of the measuring tool.

Shaun T is a world class athlete attempting to market a product for the average dieter, but does not feature the average dieter in the DVD’s. A beginner must be confident an exercise routine will fit them, and Insanity Deluxe is not an all inclusive routine.

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