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Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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inShape Fitness Drink is a stimulant free weight loss supplement available in four different liquid flavors. Without the use of stimulants, can the product really live up to its powerful claims of weight loss success? Take a look at this review to find out if the ingredients are what they portray themselves to be.

List of Ingredients

inShape Fitness Drink contains Chromemate and Super Citrimax, along with a few other mystery ingredients.

Product Features

inShape Fitness Drink comes in four flavors: wildberry/acai, peach mango, strawberry/passionfruit, and raspberry lemonade. There are no sugars, artificial sweeteners, caffeine, and no artificial colors or dyes. Chromate is a patented blend of niacin and chromium to help curb cravings and suppress the appetite. Super Citrimax is a powerful fat burner made from a naturally occurring plant that is thought to have the same effects as ephedra, without the same potential for negative side effects. We are not sure of what the other ingredients are in this formula, and we do not know why they are hiding them. Some may consider Super Citrimax to be a stimulant, as it is not safe for pregnancy and is chemically related to a stimulant. If it claims to be a non stimulant supplement, then why are we finding this ingredient in the formula? What other claims is it making that are unsubstantiated?

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  • inShape Fitness Drink comes in several different flavors.
  • Chromate and Super Citrimax are well known ingredients that work together to make each stronger.


  • inShape Fitness Drink is very expensive at $2.50 a bottle, and there is no word as to whether or not you would need more than one bottle per day.
  • There is no money back guarantee.
  • There is a significant lack of information on the website.
  • There is no address or phone number for the company on their website.
  • This product is not safe for people who are pregnant, nursing, or suffering from Alzhiemer’s.
  • We are disturbed by the fact that we could not get a full list of ingredients.


inShape Fitness Drink is not an ideal weight loss supplement. It is costly to use it regularly, as you would need to spend more than $60 to have a full month’s supply. If You want to lose weight, we recommend you follow a balanced diet and use both cardiovascular and strength training exercises at least three times a week for 30 minutes to an a hour. Then, instead of a drink like this, find a clinically proven weight loss supplement, such as Avesil, one also reviewed here on Diet Spotlight, and you will see greater weight loss results than with diet and exercise alone.

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