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Inspired To Lose” is a publication written by Howard J. Rankin. Rankin is a nationally acclaimed author of ” Seven Steps to Wellness”, “Ten Steps To A Great Relationship” and “Power Talk: The Art Of Effective Communication”. He is in high demand by people whom are interested in taking control of their health and their lives. This book can be found on Amazon for $10 and up.


Practical tools, research, academic background and vast clinical experience abound in “Inspired To Lose”. Rankin teaches people how to motivate, communicate and develop resistance in overcoming life’s vast obstacles, such as being overweight.

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The 304 page “Inspired To Read” book is as effective for use with a small group as it is with large organizations at lifestyle changing. Howard J. Rankin’s goal in this, and other writings and his seminar series is met with stand up comedy as a delivery method for a serious keynote address. He uses previous experience as a comedic writer, and being hailed as the only person to have ever turned in a scientific document in limerick form, to be an inspirational and entertaining speaker. He is naturally able to turn academic research data into understandable layman’s terminology with real applications in everyday life. Because of this, his seminars are highly renowned and he has been hailed the “best stand- up comedian in the serious subject of health”, as well as a “master communicator” and “the leading lifestyle change expert”. Rankin has been featured on ABC’s 20/20, along with CNN and other radio and television programs. He has been a consultant of both the World Health Organization and the National Institute on Drug Abuse. In “Inspired To Lose” Rankin teaches the “MIND-BODY-WEIGHT” connection- a theory that says everything is connected and both weight gain and weight loss must be addressed on many levels.

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  • Howard J. Rankin is a reputed “expert” featured in The Wall Street Journal, the L.A. Times, The Baltimore Sun and more.
  • The effects of a charismatic speaker/ writer may be positive for someone attempting to lose weight.


  • This is not a lose weight fast diet plan.
  • This is not a product containing a fat burner, appetite suppressant or stimulant.
  • The book seems more directed towards obese people as opposed to people who just have a few pounds to lose.


In the event that you are a mind over matter type personality, this supportive book, “Inspired To Lose”, and it’s creative text to keep up your interest may be “just what the doctor ordered”. If you are more into a diet pill than a lifestyle makeover, a supplement with an appetite suppressant, a fat burning ingredient and a mild stimulant may be more up your alley.

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