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What You Need To Know

I was not able to locate a manufacturer or distributor of Instatrim, but it claims to be “manufactured by one of the top licensed pharmaceutical labs in the country”. I did, however, find it for sale at a few different online retailers. Be weary while searching, or you will run into a hydraulic boat sail rigging of the same name.


Instatrim contains 25 mcg Chromium picolinate, 10 mg Niacin, 610 mg Thermogenic blend- Green Tea, Citrus Aurantium, Cocoa Extract with Theobromine, Ginger, Ginseng and Cayenne- along with a 225 mg Appetite Control Blend of L- Tyrosine, Taurine, and Garcinia Cambogia.

Product Features

The Chromium Picolinate included helps build muscles and aids in the work of insulin, while the Niacin is a Vitamin B complex used for making energy for the body. The thermogenic blend with it’s Green Tea blocks the production of digestive enzymes that allow the body to breakdown fat. It can also help lower the chances of cancers, reduce the level of cholesterol and deal with stress with a naturally high Vitamin B content. Citrus Auantium stimulates the breakdown of fats by increasing the rate at which fat is released from storage. It can also increase metabolism, caloric expenditure and promotes weight loss as a fat burner. Cocoa Extract with Theobromine is used to support a healthy mood. It is a mild stimulant, a diuretic and contains polythenols- heart healthy antioxidants. Ginger supports digestion, Ginseng helps normalize blood pressure and Cayenne stimulates blood flow. The appetite suppressing ingredients are L- Tyrosine, to increase energy; Taurine, for a calming effect on mind and body; and Garcinia Cambogia which impairs the conversion of sugars into fats.

Instatrim supposedly contains the best combination of herbs, vitamins and minerals and are formulated with Controlled Extended Release to allow the body to absorb and utilize the nutrients over a prolonged period of time. The product states that if you think of the body as a sponge and vitamins and minerals as water- you will see that we readily absorb the nutrients. But, if you think of a sponge left under running water, you will realize that it becomes quickly saturated- as do we when many vitamins and minerals are deposited into the body at once. This is why the Controlled Extended Release formulation is so beneficial. The combination of ingredients includes a thermogenic fat burner, an appetite suppressant and a mild stimulant.

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  • All Natural Product.
  • Contains healthy vitamins and minerals.


  • The lack of a manufacturers website or name is troubling.
  • Little information is available on how the product actually works.


This may be a product worth trying, as it contains the three ingredients most people believe are necessary for long lasting fat reduction and weight loss. It is a little unnerving that in this day and age, there is no specified company name or marketing website.

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3 User Reviews about Instatrim

  • 1
    Jo Gonzales

    It’s the only thing that has ever worked for me why is it not available or there something quite similar out there?


  • 2
    Brenda M

    I am up-set that Inta-trim has been discontinued. It was the only thing that worked for me.



    I was too, it worked so well. you can still get it, but it is “expired” at American Lifestyle. I hesitate to give the retailer only because its a rip off, when they see you buy it they jack up the price. Still 18.00 for expired product isn’t bad [I tried it it works just like unexpired for me] but it was 13.00 and I’ve seen it for 16.00 too. Anyway, if u like it then you’ll want to give them a try.