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Instinctive Nutrition is a book written by Severen Schaeffer. Scahaffer is a member of the Paris School of Medicine, located in France. The idea behind his book is that we should follow our instincts to allow us to eat healthier and lose weight. Listening to the natural instinct will help us eat the right things at the right times, and keep us from eating too much.

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Instinctive Nutrition is a unique approach because it allows for every person to have different dietary requirements. Depending on your body chemistry, you will have different needs, and your instincts will be what tells you to follow those needs. The approach is based on scientific research that shows when the body has had enough of a certain food, the taste goes from enjoyable to not enjoyable, which then tells us that we should stop eating it. This only works with foods in their natural state, though. The food cannot be cooked or combined with any other. This only works with “natural” foods for humans, and cannot work with any other processed foods, because it does not allow for the taste change to take place. You should eat fresh fruit in the morning, and a meal at noon, and another meal at 7pm. You should smell a fruit and choose the one that seems most appealing to you and stop eating when you don’t like it anymore. Then choose another piece of fruit and repeat the process again until you are full.

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  • This program does not require you to take time to prepare your meals.
  • This program has had success with helping chronic lawyers.
  • People who follow the diet are only supposed to eat food they instinctively love.
  • Takes out the toxins associated with processed foods.


  • This program is not practical as it can cause a lot of wasted food.
  • The diet may be difficult to follow when in a social situation or dining out.
  • Raw egg, seafood, and other meat could cause contamination which could lead to sickness.
  • Most dieters will have to completely change their diets, which is hard to stick to for the long term unless you have a lot so support from friends and family.
  • The program does not allow for any alcohol, caffeine, or cooked foods.
  • The program could be expensive to follow with fresh produce.


Instinctive Nutrition is an interesting concept that makes sense at the clinical level, but not really in practice. It is hard to make such dramatic changes in the lifestyle. If you want to lose weight, try a reduced calorie, balanced diet with plenty of exercise. Add in a proven weight loss supplement for an extra boost to your efforts.

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