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What You Need To Know

Insulean K is developed and marketed by Nutrabolics. Nutrabolics is based in Canada. The website boasts a physical mailing address, telephone and fax numbers, and various email addresses for both US and international inquiries. Nutrabolics strives to combine clinical research with experience to provide a range of breakthrough products in several areas including, fat loss, increasing lean muscle mass, strength, stamina, sex drive and testosterone enhancement.


Insulean K contains (per 2 capsule serving) 200 mg K-R Alpha Lipoic Acid, 50 mg D- Pinitol, 40 mg Banaba Leaf Extract, 200 mg Gymnema Sylvestre, 20 mg Goat’s Rue, 500 mg D- Biotin, and 75 mg Quercetin. The product also contains Gelatin, Purified Water, Titanium Dioxide, FD&C Blue #1, FD&C Yellow #6, silicon dioxide and sodium lauryl sulfate as binders and fillers. Alpha- lipoic Acid is said to help prevent hardening of arteries, liver detoxification and may aid in the ready absorption of Vitamins C and E. D- Pinitol comes from the leaves of the soybean plant and may also help lower blood sugar levels, Banaba Leaf Extract is used in the Phillipines to treat diabetes and Gymnema Sylvestre may reduce sugar cravings.

Product Features

Insulean K contains the highest concentrations of effective glycemic agents and is the ideal dietary supplementation for use in insulin response and blood sugar control. It is able to prevent the storage of insulin fats by improving the body’s insulin sensitivity. Insulean K takes advantage of the anabolic and ergogenic effectiveness of improved insulin sensitivities. Nutrabolics Insulean K was created with enhanced glucose uptake and acceleration of delivery and transport to the bloodstream and muscle cell in mind. Muscular tissue requires glucose for both growth and recovery. Insulean K basically shovels nutrients into the muscles priming them for improved performance and inhibiting their storage of fats. Along with a nutritionally balanced diet and exercise, Insulean K promotes the flow of glucose to support muscles and avoid the loss of glucose sensitivities causing an increase in body fat. It is recommended that this supplement be used in a cycle- 25 days, at twice a day- then one week with none- to avoid a weight loss plateau and the possibility of the body “forgetting” how to produce and use glucose and insulin on its own.

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  • Insulean K promotes healthy bodily function, while aiding in weight loss.
  • Ingredients in this product are all natural.


  • Insulean K does not contain a stimulant, a thermogenic fat burner or an appetite suppressant.
  • This product is best used in conjunction with a diet and fitness plan, something most people have a hard time fitting into a busy schedule.


In the end, this product may be best used as a supplement to a more effective fat burning, stimulating and appetite suppressing supplement. Since Insulean K doesn’t contain any of these more mainstream ingredients, it may best be used with a product that provides more. It may be best suited for use by a diabetic wishing to lose weight.

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