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Anyone with weight problems knows the frustration of eating right and exercising and having very slow or very little visible results. If you feel that you are among those who take all the right dieting steps but still see minimal results, the Insulin Resistance Diet may be an option you could consider. This plan comes in the form of a book with a detailed plan for attacking the fat producers in your body. This book ranges in price but mostly stays around $15.00.

Written by Ceryle Hart and Mary Kay Grossman, the Insulin Resistance Diet targets those with the condition of insulin resistance. Insulin is the hormone the body produces to turn the food we eat into glucose, a sugar-like substance that fuels our brains and muscles. However, when the body produces too much glucose due to overeating or because of the insulin resistance condition, the extra glucose is translated into fat. According to this book, some people have lower glucose base than others and have a harder time keeping off weight because their body produces glucose at a much faster rate. The book calls this a medical condition and addresses options for people in this category. The goal is not necessarily to eat less, but to know how to put certain foods together to reduce the amount of insulin produced when eating.

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The Insulin Resistance Diet book goes through their method of “linking” foods to balance out the proteins and carbohydrates in order to reduce insulin levels in the body. The book gives an explanation of their philosophy of weight loss as well as a plan to execute their ideas. The book includes ideas for foods that still taste good but are low fat. The Insulin Resistance Diet emphasizes low fat foods such as low fat cheese or butter. The book also includes sample meals and menus that can be implemented into daily living. The book endorses a changed lifestyle. Although it does present the benefits of exercise, the main focus is on the changed food habits.

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  • This book can be easily found on the internet.
  • The authors are medical professionals.
  • The book provides specific details about foods and meals that work for the plan.
  • There are several review that say the plan contributed to weight loss.


  • The plan emphasizes low fat foods similar to all other diet plans.
  • The Insulin Resistance diet does not differentiate between different types of carbohydrates and their different effects.
  • Seems to present an unrealistic view of portion control with little emphasis on exercise and its benefits.
  • Some reviews brought up the fact that this plan endorses any low fat foods even if they are unhealthy such as microwave dinners or low fat butter.
  • There were no before and after pictures to demonstrate the plan’s effectiveness.
  • Many testimonials said that it was difficult for the participants to follow all the eating rules.


While the Insulin Resistance Diet plan may be effective for those who have a hormone imbalance, it may not be the best choice for the majority of people. It is important not to downplay the importance of eating a balanced diet and exercising in order to have healthy weight loss.

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    There will be cons for every eating plan ever written. That is a fact. Any plan will face failure occasionally. That is also another fact.
    Being a person who has lost 100 lbs. the “hard” way (more than one in my 55 years) and has kept the majority of it off, I have the expertise to make those comments.
    Yes, the Insulin Diet doesn’t restrict everything that may be considered a bad fat. It also doesn’t go on and on about exercise. It also doesn’t over-play the importance of some calorie restriction.
    This is where good old common sense needs to come in by the reader/user. No one will hold your hand continuously through a diet program. You need to step up to the plate, or step away from the plate, on your own accord.
    Step outside of the box and research beyond the book. Learn to read labels and take the time to know what choices are better. Set up your own personal plan. And realize you will fail at times. You are human. Learn from it and move forward.
    Everyone wants a miracle diet … to do all the work.
    I will get off my soapbox and say that I am using this to eating plan to lose 15 lbs. and I think it is sensible, easy to follow and I do feel much better with my insulin balanced.


    Your NameSue Harris

    Just would like to know if this produvt maked you urinate alot ? Will I be getting up and down at night going to the bathroom? I already urinate a few times at night



    Thank you for your words of encouragement. I needed to read them. I risk diabetes because it runs in my family. For the first time, I’m struggling with will power. I don’t have that much to lose, about 15-20 pounds, but sticking to something is really hard. I think I’ll give this method a try.


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