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What You Need To Know

Insulite Laboratories is based in Louisville, Colorado. The website lists a physical mailing address, both local and toll free telephone numbers and email links for contact purposes. The website also includes FAQ’s, research information and more. Insulite Laboratories are “Dedicated To Reversing The Diseases Caused By Insulin Resistance”- namely pre- diabetes, PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), excess weight/ obesity and metabolic syndrome/ syndrome X. We will look into their part in excess weight/ obesity.


Insulite Laboratories use a 5 Element System to reverse excess weight and obesity. The first step is “nutraceutical formulas”; second is a nutrition plan; third is an exercise plan; fourth is an addiction awareness plan and lastly, is a weekly support plan. Nutraceuticals are specifically designed formulas to aid in the reversal of your excess weight/ obesity problem. They may include one or more of the following- InsulX, RejuvenX, GlucX, or Meta- OmegaX. The Insulite nutrition plan does not count calories, it leads you to a healthy diet regimen. The exercise plan is used to enhance the body’s own ability to utilize glucose effectively, while the addiction awareness plan helps wean you off carbohydrates and sugars, and the support system helps nurture a cooperative, healing environment in which you will become the new you.

Product Features

Insulin Resistance is one major cause of excess weight and obesity, although there are currently no drugs available to aid in its reversal. The Insulite Laboratories are the first to attempt a comprehensive program, scientifically addressing insulin resistance as a factor in the unhealthiness of excess weight and obesity. The point here is to treat the person and to offer more than a miracle pill that could supposedly reverse all adverse conditions. Aside from weight issues, insulin resistance can lead to a cluster of cardiovascular risks called Metabolic Syndrome (Syndrome X), and a hormonal imbalance known as POCS, a major cause of infertility in females, and pre- diabetes which can lead to type two diabetes if left unchecked.

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  • The support make Insulite Laboratories an easy plan to stick to.
  • The steps are intended to help reduce weight and reteach things like diet and nutrition.
  • The Insulite Laboratories website offers complete ingredient listings for all of its supplements.


  • The Insulite Laboratories weight loss plan is costly, starting at more than $100 a month.
  • This product does not make use of an appetite suppressant, fat burner or stimulant.


This product could be an effective way to manage weight loss and lower morbidity, reduce the risk of diabetes and lower cholesterol and blood pressure rates. As little as a 5- 7% weight loss (10- 15 pounds for most people) can make a huge impact on the quality of life. This product would be an asset to a diabetic or anyone needing to lose a significant amount of weight- if you can afford it.

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    9years pcos , insulin resistance , 3 years on metformin. 2 ivfs. No pregnancies .why is this so different ? And honestly will it work on me?