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Integris Surgical Weight Loss Center is a program of the Integris Baptist Medical Center, of Oklahoma City that focuses on bariatrics, the practice of surgical weight loss. This program, established in 2006 , offers surgical procedures to patients who want to lose weight. The common Integris procedures are the Las Adjustable Band (or Lap-Band) and the gastric bypass. These procedures cause rapid and substantial weight loss by shrinking the stomach so that the organ can only hold a small amount of food. The stomach is divided so that only the upper part can receive food.

The doctors of the center still promote nutrition, exercise, emotional health and guidance by medical professionals. Surgical procedures such as those provided by Integris have been criticized as an easy way out to weight loss, and many celebrities have been lampooned for buying in to the procedure. However, these surgical procedures still require lifestyle changes, and have been substantially successful for some.


Surgery that divides the stomach with a silicone band.

Product Features

Integris Surgical Weight Loss Center screens potential patients to make sure the program is right for them. Once they pass a preliminary screening, they must undergo an informational seminar. Although the center doesn’t disclose their surgery cost, the typical price range for such procedures range from $12,000 to $25,000. Practitioners of the surgical procedures praise the surgery’s short recovery time. The weight loss center was founded by Dr. Russell Gornichec, who has been performing lap bands and surgical bypass surgery in Oklahoma City for more than five years.

According to the weight loss center’s web site, the benefits of bariatrics can include 75 to 80 percent loss of excess weight, prevention of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and sleep apnea, improved mobility, improved gastric reflux, lower risk of depression, healthier births, and improved social and cosmetic benefits.

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  • You are guaranteed to lose weight with one of these procedures.


  • You will have to change your lifestyle so you aren’t tempted to overeat which could cause complications with these procedures.
  • The procedures offered by Integris are very expensive.
  • This type of treatment may not be right for everyone.


This type of surgery won’t appeal to everyone but if you are significantly overweight and just can’t lose weight by conventional methods, this might be something to look into. For those looking for something a bit less intrusive and expensive, you may consider a weight loss supplement that contains a powerful thermogenic ingredient.

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