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Intek Supplements is a supplement company that extremely interested in providing safe and effective supplements. The website has a long quality statement that tells the buyer what the company attempts to focus on in terms of quality. The main page of the website looks like any other supplement company with featured products, links to various parts of the website and fancy pictures attempting to get the attention of the visitor.

Intek Supplements sells both individual supplements and stacks. Stacks are packages of multiple supplements sold together for optimal support of a given concern. For instance, The Fit Stack contains three different Intek supplements all aimed at increasing weight loss and muscle tone without stimulating heart rate and increasing blood pressure. Products from Intek Supplements can be ordered online.

List of Ingredients


  • Supplement company with a dedicated line of products for weight loss and athletic fitness.

Product Features

We clicked on the product page on the Intek Supplements website and we were taken to a long list of products sold by Intek. All Intek supplements have the same name – Evolution – but there are different supplements within the Evolution line. We found a protein, thermogenic and even a complete kit for 24 hour weight loss. When we clicked on the individual bottle we found a detailed description with highlights, suggested use, complete description and ingredients. The ingredients for some of the products are listed in proprietary blends, which hides the amount of each ingredient from the dieter.

When we looked at the Evolution Thermogenic we found some dangerous ingredients that could increase heart rate and blood pressure, cause heart palpitations and even alter mood. Prescription medications to boost mood should not be taken with this supplement.

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  • Intek Supplements has a pretty detailed website with long product descriptions and complete ingredient lists.
  • There supplements for stim and non-stim thermogenics.
  • Some supplements could support overall health.


  • Not all Intek Supplements are safe for all dieters.
  • Some of the ingredients in the Evolution Thermogenic fat burner are dangerous.
  • We found no warnings on supplements that contained ingredients that could interfere with prescription medications or diagnosed health problems.
  • Fat burners by Intek Supplements may include ingredients that are not proven to work as claimed.
  • Proprietary blends are used in most supplements.


Intek Supplements is on the right track with the cool website and bottle marketing, but the formulas are not quite as cool. We found incomplete ingredient lists (no amounts) and dangerous ingredients with no warnings. We suggest choosing another company for your weight loss needs.

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    I loved the 24 hour weight loss system. I lost 40 pounds in 3 months while taking it. After i can take it again from having a baby i will definitely buy it again. Best product i have used.