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What You Need To Know

Intelihealth can be found at The website offers a couple different email addresses and hotline numbers for your convenience. The National Suicide Prevention Hotline and a reminder for 911 assistance are provided there, but unfortunately there is no physical mailing address or actual direct phone number to those who keep up the site.


The Intelihealth site is partnered with Aetna and Harvard Medical School to provide you with a comprehensive online magazine chock full of articles and stories. Their site provides links to many different pages and topics from Health Commentaries, Dental Health and A Drug Resource Center, to “Ask The Expert”, Interactive Tools and Today’s News. They also have tabs titled Diseases and Conditions, Healthy Lifestyle, Your Health and “Look It Up”.

Product Features

Under the “Healthy Lifestyles” tab at Intelihealth, you can find information on Complementary & Alternative Medicines, Fitness, Nutrition, Weight Management and Workplace Health. Clicking the weight management tab takes us to a page that allows you to choose from multiple topics including “Weight Management”, “Learn The Basics”, “Take Action Now” and “Related Areas”. These are further divided into articles showcasing ways to maintain or lose weight. The materials range from creative ways to assure you are taking in five servings of fruit and vegetables a day, to avoiding the weight rebound that is the basis of the “yo- yo” diet and how “fat free” doesn’t always mean low calorie. “Learning The Basics” includes even more themes covering fat (and how we get that way), the correlation between food and weight, obesity, and eating disorders; while the “Take Action Now” section has tips on weight loss, aerobics and exercise. The site also includes a host of recipes, studies and expert testimonials.

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  • Intelihealth is an inclusive site that may be used as a support system for someone in need of significant weight loss.
  • The Intellihealth site encompasses a wide array of helpful and healthful articles.
  • There is no cost for the information available at the site.
  • There is no required registration or obligation to buy anything.


  • This is not an actual weight loss program or pill, it is merely a portal to health and weight loss information articles.
  • This program does not include a fat burner, appetite suppressant or stimulant.


The Intellihealth website may be an effective form of support for those who need assistance in their weight loss endeavor. The articles on this site are both helpful and informative. The program chosen may be benefited by the inclusion of a supplement, and one that includes a thermogenic fat burner, an appetite suppressant and a mild stimulant may be most effective at aiding in the weight loss.

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