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What You Should Know

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Here’s a whole new twist on weight loss. A company that will pay you to lose weight using their product. According to the Intellitrim website, people can get paid by the company that sells this product, BeneOmega up to $10 for every pound lost. Apparently, if you register for the program and send a before photo of yourself, the company will register you for a monetary prize when you reach your weight loss goal. You will receive a lifestyle log where you will need to record your eating and exercise habits and the company will send you weight loss tips that should be followed if you want to meet your goals. If you do, you can receive your monetary award and your story will be posted under the testimonials for Intellitrim. Money for testimonials? It seems less than objective to us. However, we will look at the actual formula of Intellitrim more closely to see if it can deliver on its weight loss promises.

The product is sold on the BeneOmega website and through a number of online retailers. Intellitrim claims to reduce body fat, maintain lean muscles and prevent future weight gain. While BeneOmega states that these results have been clinically proven, we could not find information about any such tests on the product website. We like to see companies provide clinical research that has been conducted so that consumers can make savvy decisions about the effectiveness of their weight loss supplements.


The only ingredient in Intellitrim is conjugated linoleic acid or CLA. CLA has been shown to reduce body fat by preventing fat accumulation in fat cells. Based on the information we found about this ingredient, it appears that it would be more effective in preventing weight gain rather than assisting in weight loss. We also found clinical research that showed 3400 mg of CLA daily was sufficient to achieve positive results. However, each soft gel of Intellitrim only contains 800 mg of CLA and the recommended dose is three soft gels a day. This does not seem to be sufficient CLA to achieve desired results.

Product Features

A single bottle of Intellitrim sells for about $35 at the time of this review. If you purchase six or more bottles at a time, the price drops to about $24. You can also sign on for an auto ship program that will send a monthly supply of Intellitrim for about $31. According to the company website, opened packages can be returned for a refund as long as the consumer obtains authorization before sending the product back.

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  • CLA has been shown to prevent weight loss in clinical studies.
  • The product is reasonably priced and discounts are available.


  • There are no other ingredients in Intellitrim to assist with meeting weight loss goals.
  • The marketing approach is questionable.
  • The active ingredient may not be a sufficient amount to achieve desired results.


Intellitrim offers an interesting approach to weight loss, but it is far from the magic ingredient. Dieters will still need to eat carefully and exercise daily to meet their weight loss goals. We believe a supplement containing an appetite suppressant and a proven fat burner might offer better results.

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