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Intensify IRG is a NDS Nutrition supplement that curbs hunger and increases metabolism. The same claims are found on more than one thousand websites across the United States and the world selling fat burners and weight loss supplements. The ingredient list will show whether or not Intensify IRG lives up to the claim.

List of Ingredients

Phenyl Feel Good-4 Complex: Acacia Rigidula P.E. – B-Phenylethylamine, 3,5-Dimethoxytyramine, 4-Methyl-2-Pyridinamine, 2-Cyclohexylethylamine.

Tea Burn and Proprietary Complex: White Tea, Green Tea, Kuding Tea, Dextrose.


Minus Weight Complex: Tyramine, Hordenine, Konjac Root, Cissus Quadrangularis Extract, Rhodiola Rosea Extract, Dextrose.

Product Features

The ingredient list includes lots of scientific names, but rarely are these ingredients anything more than common herbs, stimulants, diuretics and laxatives.

The Phenyl Feed Good portion of the Intensify IRG attempts to boost mood so dieters feel better about working out and dieting. These ingredients are common in weight loss supplements but they are not safe for dieters who have mental disorders like depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder.

The Tea Burn Complex contains various teas standardized for EGCG content. EGCG is proven to boost metabolism but there are only 50 mg in the entire Tea Burn Complex. You need at least 350 mg of green tea alone to boost metabolism.

Caffeine is the main stimulant in this supplement. With 200 mg of caffeine, dieters sensitive to caffeine will feel jittery and nervous after taking Intensify IRG. This amount of caffeine could also cause nausea.

The Minus Weight Complex also contains typical weight loss ingredients. The most important is Konjac Root, which supplies glucomannan or water-soluble fiber. This fiber may help suppress appetite, especially in conjunction with such a high dose of caffeine.

Dextrose is included in two of the complexes in Intensify IRG. Dextrose is a form of sugar so there are calories in the supplement.

Intensify IRG sells for $70 from NDS Nutrition.

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  • Caffeine is proven to increase metabolism.
  • Green tea is a clinically proven weight loss ingredient.


  • There is not enough green tea in the supplement.
  • Too much caffeine can cause negative side effects.
  • Dextrose imparts calories.


There is nothing new in Intensify IRG. The supplement is based on a high dose of caffeine, which will increase heart rate and blood pressure. Dieters should beware of taking this supplement within 6 to 8 hours of bedtime as it could interfere with sleep. Taking high doses of caffeine for energy and weight loss provides only a temporary effect. The body soon gets used to the increased caffeine amount and more is required to maintain elevated heart rate. This leads to caffeine addiction and withdrawal symptoms when the dieter chooses to stop taking the supplement.

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