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What You Should Know

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Intention Health sells natural supplements under the name iHealth Products online. The official website diverts to the iHealth website from every link we could find. The iHealth product line seems to focus on sleep, stress and healthier living. Some of the products that may relate to weight loss include cleansing, weight loss CDs, sprays and supplements.

List of Ingredients

Binge Buster: Chromium, Hoodia Gordonii, Peppermint Oil, Green Tea Extract, Gymnema Sylvestre Extract and Stevia.

Carb Cheater: No ingredients listed.

Product Features

Intention Health, or iHealth Products, offer a small selection of weight loss products. The Binge Spray is formulated to stop cravings before dieters feel the need to binge on food. While the theory is sound, the ingredient list leaves much to be desired. Hoodia Gordonii is not a proven appetite suppressant though many products still claim its effectiveness despite a lack of scientific support. Green Tea Extract is a good ingredient, but how much is included in the spray is not revealed. The fact that the Intention Health product is in spray form leaves us believing it is very little. Chromium is another misguided ingredient. Once thought to curb hunger by regulating blood glucose levels, chromium has never been proven to have this effect or relieve appetite.

Carb Cheater, another of Intention Health’s weight loss products, does not list any ingredients at all. Many products claiming to block carbohydrates were introduced when low carb, high fat diets were all the rage. This product is probably left over from those years. Carb blockers or Carb Cheaters do not block carbs from entering the body and thus will not increase weight loss.

Two other products offered by Intention Health are the BC1 Body Composition Analyzer Kit and Ideal Weight (CD). Body composition is important to some dieters, but most are just trying to burn more calories and lose weight on the scale and this kit will not help in that regard. The weight loss CD inevitably includes mental support and visual imagery to support the dieter.

The two most viable choices are Binge Buster and Carb Cheater. These retail for $32.95 and $49.95 respectively.

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  • Information on Intention Health products is listed online.
  • Dieters can order from the website.


  • Weight loss formulas are not created with fat burning ingredients.
  • Proprietary blends leave the dieter questioning how much of an ingredient is in the supplement.
  • Carb Cheater lists no ingredients.
  • Supplement prices are higher than more effective weight loss supplements.


Intention Health may carry some great products for keeping the body healthy, but weight loss is not the company’s forte. Carb Cheater is a supplement that reveals no ingredients but wants to charge the consumer $50 for one bottle. Binge Buster is just one of a long line of sprays that claim to decrease hunger and keep the dieter from overeating.

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