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Intercept Sprinkles to Go is a portable carb controlling powder that can be sprinkled on food. The to go packets may use when out of the home easier allowing the dieter to stick with the weight loss plan. The main ingredient in Intercept Sprinkles to Go is white kidney bean, which is promoted as a carb reducing natural ingredient. Supposedly when white bean extract is sprinkled on food, the body will digest and absorb fewer carbohydrates. Products such as these became popular when low carbohydrate diets were booming. There is no clinical research supporting the claims that white bean extracts block carbohydrates.

List of Ingredients

Phase 2 CARB Controller: White Bean Extract and Fiber.

Product Features

The two ingredient Intercept Sprinkles to Go offer hope to a dieter who wants to take the easy way out and lose weight without changing diet or exercising. According to the product description, Intercept Sprinkles to Go can be sprinkled on all foods just before consumption to prevent some carbohydrates from breaking down in the body and being absorbed. If carbohydrates are not absorbed, the calories are moved out of the body as waste. These claims sound wonderful, but they are simply not supported with trustworthy trials and research.

The second ingredient is fiber. Fiber works in the body to slow digestion of food making the dieter feel fuller, longer. This is a proven result of eating high fiber foods, but we have no idea how much fiber is included in Intercept Sprinkles to Go. As a matter of fact, the website offers very little verifiable information on the product – information is mostly claims about what it can do for the dieter.

There are a few testimonials on the official website. Below the testimonial box there is a caption that dieters using the product can share their experience with Intercept Sprinkles to Go and receive a free one-month supply. This could lure people to offer false testimonials to receive a free supply just to try. No free trials are offered on the official website. We could not find guarantee information either. Intercept Sprinkles to Go sells for $12.99 per box plus shipping and handling.

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  • The weight loss supplement is inexpensive.


  • There are no fat burning ingredients.
  • Science does not support the claims that white kidney bean extract blocks carbohydrates.


There are hundreds of products on the market with Phase 2 as a primary or secondary ingredient. We find it interesting that people continue to want to black carbohydrates to lose weight when the body needs a good source of whole grains to maintain health. Intercept Sprinkles to Go may be convenient, but there is little to no support for white kidney bean extract.

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