Intestinal Bowel Support II Review

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Renew Life manufactures Intestinal Bowel Support II as a means of naturally treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome. There are two supplements in the program and both contain natural laxatives, which is contradictory to relieving IBS symptoms.

List of Ingredients

Bowel Support I: L-Glultamine, N Acetyl D-Glucosamine, Gamma Oryzanol, Cranesbill Root, Ginger Root, Marigold Flower and Marshmallow Root.

Bowel Support II: Slippery Elm Bark, German Chamomile Flower, Fenugreek Seed, Skullcap Herb, Fennel Seed, Cranberry Fruit, Peppermint Leaf, Atractylodes Root – Bai Zhu, Capillary Artemisia Herb – Yin Chen Hao, Codonopsis Root – Dang Shen, Job’s Tears Seed – Yi Yi Ren, Schisandra Fruit – Wu Wei Zi, Agastache Whole Plant – Huo Xiang, Chinese Licorice Root – Zhi Gan Cao, Chinese Thoroughwax – Chai Hu, Ginger Root – Pao Jiang, Korean Ash Branches Bark – Qin Pi, Magnolia Bark – Hou Po, Phellodendron Bark – Huang Bai, Poria Cocos Root – Fu Ling, Psyllium Seed – Che Qian Zi, Chinese Goldthread – huang lian, Chinese White Peony Root – Bai Shao, Costus Root – Mu Xiang, Siler Root – Fang Feng, Tangerine Peel – Chen Pi and Angelica Root – Bai Zhi.

Product Features

Typically people suffering from IBS have diarrhea as one of their symptoms. Though this is not the case with every case of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, the fact that Intestinal Bowel Support II claims to naturally fight IBS symptoms, yet contains a laxative could cause more problems than relief. In the first supplement, Intestinal Bowel Support I, marshmallow root works as a mild to moderate laxative. Intestinal Bowel Support II, to be taken at night, also contains a mild to moderate laxative slippery elm bark.

When judging the supplement in terms of weight loss, it falls into the category of laxative all the way. Weight loss may occur when taking the supplement, but it will be due to increased bowel movements and loss of water rather than loss of fat. Dieters should beware that even if IBS symptoms are troubling weight loss efforts, Intestinal Bowel Support II may make some symptoms worse, rather than better.

Intestinal Bowel Support II is sold as a kit including Intestinal Bowel Support I for $32.39. Products can be purchased directly from the official website.

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  • All ingredients are listed on the official Intestinal Bowel Support II description.
  • The price is lower than other colon cleansing and bowel support systems.


  • No weight loss ingredients are included in the supplement.
  • Dieters may suffer from diarrhea due to laxative ingredients.
  • Laxatives are not supported as a healthy means of weight loss.


Intestinal Bowel Support II is an IBS treatment that includes laxatives. The theory behind this is one we cannot understand. When seeking to lose weight, an IBS supplement such as this may produce short term weight loss, but weight will be regained as soon as the dieter stops taking the supplement.

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