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Intestinal Drawing Formula is a supplement manufactured and sold by Health Force Nutritionals. The company offers a website complete with ingredient lists and product sales for consumers who wish to try their products. All products are backed with a money back guarantee on products that are unopened.

List of Ingredients

Wildcrafted Slippery Elm Bark, Marshmallow Root, Nopal Cactus, Natural Zeolite,  Activated Charcoal, Pesticide-free Plantain Leaf, Wildcrafted Carob, Pesticide free Flax Seed Meal, Pesticide free Kelp and Volcanic Bentonite Clay.

Product Features

Intestinal Drawing Formula is created to draw toxins out of the body to be expelled by the colon. The formula comes with a warning not to take with any other supplements or medications as the ingredients will absorb these and render them ineffective in the body. While a 45 minute limit is placed on this absorption, ingredients in natural products are not often tested in licensed facilities and thus the time frame of absorption could be longer.

Drawing is just another word for cleansing and cleansing products are quickly becoming a major player in the weight loss industry. Intestinal Drawing Formula is not formulated with any ingredients that will increase weight loss. Suggested uses for the supplement include use while eating a healthy, cleansing diet. This diet can produce weight loss but often includes high amounts of liquids and very few solid foods.

While debates about drawing and cleansing as part of a healthy weight loss program may go back and forth, there is little debate over the insane number of capsules the dieter is asked to take while using the Intestinal Drawing Formula. For normal use, 36 capsules are to be taken in doses of 12 capsules three times a day. Users can choose an intense plan that requires 48 capsules be taken three times a day. That adds up to 144 capsules every day.

Intestinal Drawing Formula comes in 105 capsule bottles for $19.95. Larger 260 count bottles sell for $28.95. Powdered versions can also be purchased in 130 gram and 408 gram canisters.

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  • Cleansing may relieve constipation.


  • Weight loss is not associated with drawing or cleansing.
  • Intestinal Drawing Formula requires up to 144 capsules per day which increases the cost dramatically.
  • The formula will render other medications useless when taken together.


Eating a healthy, vegan lifestyle is something that can induce weight loss. While Health Force Nutritionals and Intestinal Drawing Formula may be a part of this lifestyle for some, weight loss will not be increased with the use of this formula. Health issues associated with absorption and expelling of medications can lead to life threatening side effects or return of illness. Fat burners may be a better option for someone trying to increase weight loss.

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    I am wondering if there is a diet I can follow while doing the intestinal drawing that would help the process?
    thank you



    A juice cleanse might be a good choice to consider. Dr. Don Colbert has a good book, or the fasting pdf by Liana Shanti might be helpful too.