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IntraCleanse claims to help dieters lose weight by cleansing the system from the inside out. The product is marketed as a colon cleanse, and the product website explains how our digestive systems become unhealthy in the first place and why they need to be thoroughly cleansed for better health and weight loss. In addition to dropping extra pounds, this product claims that it will restore consistent, healthy bowel movements, remove impacted fecal matter from the colon, boost health, increase energy and reduce gas.

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that the occasional colon cleanse is a healthy habit. There is even information to support using a colon cleanse to jump start a diet program. However, this is generally not considered to be an effective method of slow, steady weight loss that is recommended by most health experts.


We are very disappointed to find that the IntraCleanse website does not provide any information about the ingredients contained in the formula. This product is supposedly designed to cleanse the colon and the rest of the body from toxins and built up waste material, and yet it does not bother to tell the consumer how it will do so. This is irresponsible marketing in our opinion, and consumers should not take a product unless they know precisely what is in it. This is especially true of colon cleanses that tend to include laxative ingredients, so that a consumer can know just how potent the formula might be.

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IntraCleanse will supposedly only be offered until supplies run out, which is estimated to be within a few days of this review. We are highly skeptical of high pressure marketing ploys like this one that try to get consumers to act quickly without carefully considering all of their options. When this high pressure marketing approach is combined with a complete lack of details about the product or formula, we would strongly caution consumers to think twice before putting their hard earned dollars into the product.

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  • Colon cleanses can be a healthy way to jump start a diet.
  • There is a money back guarantee on the product.


  • Absolutely no information is provided about the product formula.
  • The high pressure marketing approach makes us leery at best.
  • The free trial actually comes with a high price tag if the consumer doesn’t cancel within 14 days.


There are many red flags that come up with the IntraCleanse product. Between high pressure marketing, a deceptive free trial offer and absolutely no information about the ingredients contained in this product, we would strongly caution consumers from purchasing this product. We believe there are many good weight loss supplements containing proven appetite suppressants and fat burners that will provide positive weight loss results. We encourage consumers to look for those products instead.

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    I would like information and cost on this product