IntraMedic ScentSpray Appetite Suppressant Review

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There is always a new weight management product or fitness device popping up. Clearly weight loss supplements and exercise machines are in demand. One that you might not be familiar with is IntraMedic ScentSpray Appetite Suppressant. Basically, this weight loss product is an alternative to Sensa sprinkles. It works in the same manner, but is in a liquid form. As for the cost of IntraMedic ScentSpray Appetite Suppressant, you can find it through online stores for $29.99, and this includes two spray bottles (0.5 ounces each).


  • Purified Water
  • Sodium Benzoate & Potassium Sorbate as Preservatives
  • Polysorbate 80
  • Natural Essential Oil Savory Flavors
  • Natural Essential Oil Sweet Flavors

Product Features

In order to use IntraMedic ScentSpray Appetite Suppressant, you simply spray it twice onto your food before you eat. If you are eating something sweet, you use the sweet spray, and if you are eating something salty, you use the salty version. This non-clumping spray should not cause any bloating or gas. Nor should it lead to diarrhea. According to IntraMedic Research Group, LLC, the manufacturer, this spray works with any weight loss program.

While it is stated that IntraMedic ScentSpray Appetite Suppressant is a fine mist aromatic tastant, the key ingredients used in this product are not explained. It is simply claimed that when you spray this formula onto foods, you will notice a reduced appetite. Since your appetite is lessened, you should ideally eat less food, which means fewer calories. This may lead to weight reduction over time. There are no user testimonials or reviews found to support IntraMedic ScentSpray Appetite Suppressant. However, this appears to be a very new weight loss product.

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  • This product might help you eat less food and calories.
  • You can take these small spray bottles anywhere.


  • This weight loss formula does not help burn off fat.
  • This spray does not increase energy levels.
  • IntraMedic ScentSpray Appetite Suppressant is very similar to diet products like Sensa.
  • You only receive one ounce of liquid spray total, which might not last long.
  • No customer feedback was found to support this weight loss formula.


Okay, if you take a good look at IntraMedic ScentSpray Appetite Suppressant, you will see that this weight loss product is essentially the same thing as Sensa sprinkles. The only difference is it is in spray form. While this product might help reduce your appetite to some degree, keep in mind that it does not boost energy levels or actually help you burn off existing body fat. Naturally it would be helpful to see some customer feedback pertaining to IntraMedic ScentSpray Appetite Suppressant, but none was available at the time of this review.

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