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Immupure manufactures a supplement called inVisible Veins. The supplement claims to reduce inflammation of the legs, swelling and discomfort associated with varicose veins. Varicose veins of the anus, also known as hemorrhoids, are also affected by inVisible Veins.

List of Ingredients

DiosVein Diosmin, Hesperidine and Immupure Colostrum.

Product Features

Homeopathic medicine has a cure or solution for nearly every ailment the body can contract. In terms of vein health, inVisible Vein aims to increase the strength of veins and reduce the appearance of varicose veins, specifically those on the legs. DiosVein Diosmin is a trademarked ingredient which means the consumer has no idea what the company is using as its main formula for eliminating varicose veins. Hesperidine has been tested in animal studies with some effects that could support its use. Anti-inflammatory properties may cause varicose veins to reduce in size and thus in appearance. There are other effects, however, that may cause problems in the user including sedative properties and a reduction in bone density with high doses.

Colostrum is known as the first milk a human produces after birth. Bovine colostrum has been studied for use in reducing lean body mass, certain forms of cancer and as an immune booster. There are no references to why this ingredient in included in a varicose vein supplement, but the user may see some weight loss benefits as a result. Colostrum, of the bovine derivative, was originally used as an antibiotic.

The inVisible Vein website has quite a few spelling errors and can be difficult to navigate online. This could leave the consumer lacking the trust needed to order the product. One month’s supply of inVisible Vein retails for $34.95 plus shipping and handling. Auto-ship of the product is available with a reduction of $5 per bottle ordered.

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  • An official website is available.
  • Complete ingredient details are published.
  • Colostrum could reduce lean body mass, but this is not proven in humans.


  • There are no links to research studies supporting inVisible Vein.
  • One ingredient is trademarked so consumers have no idea what is really in the formula.
  • Weight loss will probably not occur with the use of inVisible Vein.
  • The supplement is priced higher than other vein health supplements.
  • Spelling errors on the website leave an unprofessional look.


Total body health is essential to a successful weight loss program. With that in mind, inVisible Vein is not a product that will increase weight loss, fat burn or metabolism. The ingredient list contains a sedative and two ingredients that are either questionable or have no effect on veins. Fat burners are most often formulated with metabolism boosters to increase calorie burn and inVisible Vein is not one of these.

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