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Iodine Plus 2 is a liquid based supplement that claims to be able to help with weight loss. The reason the product makes these claims is because it is supposedly able to help address thyroid issues that could be a potential cause of your weight gain and/or inability to lose weight. If you think you have a thyroid problem, we recommend you see a doctor for help with the condition, however, you can continue reading this review to help you determine if this supplement is the right choice for you.

List of Ingredients

Iodine Plus 2 contains: iodine, iodine (as salt), selenium, and vitamin B2.

Product Features

Iodine Plus 2 has no fat burning or appetite suppressing ingredients, and therefore would not be considered an optimal choice for a weight loss supplement. The supplement is designed to affect the adrenal system, which will help regulate the production of thyroid hormones. When you have an overactive thyroid, or one that is producing too many hormones, you will have a more difficult time losing weight, and it will be much easier to gain weight than if you have a normal thyroid. You can also experience issues with weight if your thyroid is not active enough, but this generally does not cause weight gain. Iodine converts into the thyroid hormone, so if you have an overactive thyroid, a supplement like this is not recommended. The use of an iodine supplement like this is only suggested for people who do not produce enough thyroid hormone on their own.

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  • Iodine Plus 2 may help increase thyroid hormone production in those with an under-active thyroid.
  • This supplement is available from a variety of merchants.


  • Iodine Plus 2 does not contain any clinically proven fat burners or appetite suppressants.
  • Iodine is not recommended for those who are trying to treat an over-active thyroid.
  • There are no free trials.
  • There are no money back guarantees.
  • Little information is available on the manufacturer.


Iodine Plus 2 is not the ideal choice for a weight loss supplement. If you have a thyroid condition, or suspect that you may be having issues with your thyroid, you should seek medical attention for the appropriate solution before turning to self-medication. If you are trying to lose weight, you should follow a reduced calorie balanced diet, workout on a regular basis with cardiovascular exercise and strength training, and consider adding a clinically proven appetite suppressant or fat burner to your daily routine for best results. Though a weight loss supplement is not necessary, it can help increase the amount of weight you lose when compared to diet and exercise alone.

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  • 1

    Can Iodine Plus 2 be purchased here, in Canada? Would rather. I’m from Alberta, in Canada. Would you let me know please.
    Thanks in advance!



  • 2

    If I am taking a thyroid supplement such as levothy, armour, or any other synthetic to bal. thyroid levels-can I take one IodinePluse 2 daily for energy level/lethargy, hair thinning,weight gain…had ablation therapy 8yrs ago…still seem not enough w/dessicated amount, which is suppose to be close to natural…..I’m still very cold & take iron pills daily.


  • 3
    V clark

    Where can I buy iodine plus 2 local if not where on line if not trying to keep cost down


  • 4

    If I have high blood pressure can I take lodine plus 2


  • 5

    After suffering sub-clinical thyroid lethargy I commenced taking Iodine Plus2 on 29 Feb 2012. Within 1 hour I felt more awake than I had in years. The next morning I woke up with my energy restored to a younger age (I am in my 50’s). I excitedly gave this supplement to family and friends and had similar remarkable positive results. I would heartily endorse this product to all and sundry.
    Woodfire in Oz.



    I would like to try a bottle Iodine Plus 2 could you advise where to buy the product in OZ? for thryoid. Thanking you



    You can buy this on amazon


  • 6

    I don’t believe this is salt containing product since salt I believe is sodium and iodine is a mineral from the sea? Don’t take my word but that’s how I understand it. I use salt at home which contains no iodine because my mom believes she is allergic!



    A salt is a compound of a metal and a non-metal. The confusion comes from calling table salt, sodium chloride, salt. Potassium iodide is a salt, as is lithium iodide, calcium flouride and a plethura of other metal/non-metal compounds. So, if you’ve been told to stay off salt, you need to ask what kind of salt specifically.


    Terry Prothero

    There are actually many kinds of salt. When an acid and a base combine chemically the result is salt and water. Sodium Cloride (common table salt) is produced when hydrochloric acid is combined with Sodium Hydroxide.
    Potassium and Magnesium salts occur naturally in many of the foods we eat.

    An excessive amount of any of these salts can be harmful, as can a deficiency of them. If fact, our nervous system can’t function without them.

    People should always check with their doctor on these things, but it’s usually table salt that they have to avoid. The reason being that it’s so commonly added to processed foods that a person can easily get several times their daily requirement. People with certain health problems can’t tolerate this massive overdose so easily.

    I would be hesitant to take in massive doses of iodine in any form (salt or otherwise) without the advice of a physician. Diet supplements can be harmful if they are overdone. And the doctor promoting this could be a quack or a crook. Do yourself a favor and get a second opinion.


  • 7

    I can’t have salt either, so I’m wondering if I need to stop taking this product? I’m doing the research as much as I can to see if I can continue using Iodine Plus 2.


    Bobbie J Kimbrell

    Tell me if you have taken this iodine Plus 2 and had any benefit from it… Please



    I started taking this supplement approximately 18 months ago. I immediately felt more energy. The reason I started taking it was breast issues. I had a thermogram and was told my brest tissue was not healthy and so I did some research and found this product. A follow up thermagram 6 months later showed impressive improvement in my breast issue. In addition my hair seemed thicker and has more shine. I ran out two weeks ago.. first time I ever let that happen. I am having cramping, fluctuations in bodies ability to maintain a consistent temperature (hot flashes and night sweats) I just ordered more and will not allow myself to run out again. I would recommend this, I do want to note, I do not add any salt to my food.. at all, just a precaution I take.



    Started the iodine Plus-2 and coconut oil capsules three weeks ago, with no results, my hot flashes and night sweats still keep me awake and day flashes as well. What is the normal time for experiencing results. Taking 1 a.m. 1 p.m.
    Thanks for your help.


    Your Name

    you could be menopausal,

  • 8

    I assume iodine plus is the same as salt, but maybe just at a higher strength??? I’ll google it and find out for my own info as well.


  • 9

    i had a stroke a year ago, and ive been so tierd,gaining weight,cant excersise due to muscle pain,and not feeling good.i had alot of these symptoms before my stroke.anyways ive been on this for 8 days now,and i havent been sick for 8 days and ive stayed up til 11/12 at night,and i use to be in bed by 7 because i was so tierd,and my jeans were not as tight yesterday..this is really hard to believe but i do have a question..i dont eat salt anymore and i was wondering,is this pill the same as eating salt,cuz im soppose to stay away from salt


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