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Ion Spa is a brand name for an ionic foot spa. Ionic technology claims water can be used to pull toxins from the body via water and cleansing solutions. There are several versions of the ionic foot spa including the Ion Spa which is commonly found in alternative health clinics. Home versions of the spa are available but tend to retail for $2000 or more plus the cost of arrays, plates, solutions and upkeep.

List of Ingredients

Ionic foot bath with cleansers to remove metals and toxins from the body.

Product Features

Ion Spa is sold through Ion Secret, an Australian company. An official website is available with detailed information on the ionic process which is uncommon for this alternative therapy. According to the literature, negative and positive ions must be in balance in the body (Yin and Yang) and the Ion Spa helps to bring about that balance. Oxygen transportation, toxin elimination and nutrient absorption are all achieved with ionic therapy.

Detoxifying has become a big part of the weight loss industry in recent years, but there are very few supporters of colon cleansing to lose weight and even fewer supporters of foot detoxifying. There is simply no real evidence that foot baths like the Ion Spa will work to remove so called toxins from the body. Health risks are also a concern. According to Ion Spa, women who are pregnant, people suffering from epilepsy or seizures, organ transplant recipients, pacemaker patients and hemophiliacs are not to use the Ion Spa.

Weight loss is out constant concern and the Ion Spa will not provide that support for customers. In the FAQs section of the website, customers are told an increased appetite is common after just one cleansing session. Increased appetite will lead to eating more and potentially weight gain instead of weight loss.

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  • Ion Spa is available for purchase online.


  • Health risks are associated with Ion Spa use.
  • Ion foot baths can cost more than $2000.
  • Increased appetite is associated with using the Ion Spa.
  • There is no proof toxins are being removed from the body.
  • Water color change is commonly associated with herbs and solutions added to the water.
  • Users may feel lightheaded or tired after use.


With potential health risks and increased appetite, the dieter should probably steer clear of the Ion Spa. The idea is to eat less food and burn more calories, not eat more food and soak in a foot bath for 30 minutes, once a week. The cost of a home machine can reach more than $2000 and weekly sessions at a practitioner can add up quickly. Fat burners are safe and effective and will not increase appetite.

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