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Ioncleanse is a Canadian company specializing in ionic foot baths. The company currently carries two models, the Ioncleanse Premier and Ioncleanse Solo. Ioncleanse Solo is the cheaper of the two models and offers an ionic cleanse of the body through the feet.

List of Ingredients

Ion Cleanse Machine, Array with Extra Plate, Plastic Tub, Liners, Starter Package of Ionic Cleanser, Information Booklet and Carrying Case.

Product Features

According to the information ionic companies offer, ionic foot spas like the Ioncleanse Solo pull out toxins through the feet. Before and after pictures of the water are common and often show a dark brown, red or black result after just 30 minutes of treatment. The Ioncleanse company appears to be a bit more professional than other ionic foot spa sellers, but links to research are lacking support for the machine or process of cleansing. There is, however, research supporting the safety of the electrical unit used with the ion foot bath.

Ioncleanse Solo comes programmed with one foot bath setting. This setting offers a complete cleanse of the body with dual polarity ions. Positive and negative ions in the water combine with herbal cleansing solutions and toxins are drawn into the water, according to company claims. There is no support either medically or scientifically that toxins can indeed pulled out of the body.

The cost of the Ioncleanse Solo is about $2000. The Ioncleanse Premier retails for more than $2800. Replacement arrays, plates, cords and solutions can also be purchased from Ioncleanse at an additional cost. Replacement parts are costly. Marketing materials are also available for people who will use the Ioncleanse Solo as part of their business.

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  • Ioncleanse Solo is offered for sale online.
  • Product information is widely available.
  • Electrical units used to power the ionic foot spa are certified.


  • One Ioncleanse Solo machine costs more than $2000.
  • Replacement parts are costly.
  • The machine seems to be used more for business than personal detoxification.
  • No scientific proof is offered to support the detoxifying claims.
  • Health warnings are associated with ionic foot spa use.
  • People with pacemakers and other electric health equipment cannot use an ionic machine.
  • Diabetics are told to eat a healthy meal before using an Ioncleanse Solo.


The Ioncleanse Solo is not a product that will increase weight loss. Detoxifying the body may improve health or mental well being on an individual basis, but weight loss is not the primary goal of the machine. At more than $2000 per machine and a hefty upkeep cost, dieters would be better off purchasing a fat burner and a gym membership. Health issues are also a concern as people with certain health conditions or health equipment, like pacemakers, cannot use an ionic machine.

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