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An ionic foot spa offers a complete body detox in just 30 minutes through the feet. There are many “official” websites offering at home ionic foot spa kits and in person treatments. According to the claims, ionic charged water and an array of herbs will pull out toxins through the feet and into the water. This may seem too good to be true and the long line of warnings and health risks associated with the process may prove that feeling correct.

List of Ingredients

Foot bath, ionic generator, herbs and solutions.

Product Features

Whether the ionic foot spa is purchased for home use or a treatment is ordered from a clinic, the same process will be undertaken. Water is placed in the foot bath along with herbs or solutions. The ionic machine attached to the bath is turned on and the user waits 30 minutes while watching the water change colors. Based on the color of the water after 30 minutes, the user can guess which parts of the body are being detoxified. Black water, for instance, means the liver is being cleansed. Red flecks could mean blood clots are being pulled out of the body.

There are no research studies or scientific proof than any ionic foot spa truly pulls toxins out through the feet. The claims started with foot patches that supposedly detoxified the body. These patches are not proven to work either. In terms of weight loss, ionic foot spa creators believe the body will work more efficiently when toxins are removed. This would, inevitably, have an effect on calorie burn, digestion and weight loss. Again, these claims are not proven and may even be considered simply untrue by many professionals.

Ionic foot spas can cost as much as $2000 and replacement arrays (needed for ionic power) are priced about $99 for three.

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  • There is plenty of information on the ionic foot spa online.


  • Paying $2000 for an unproven technique is not a viable option for most consumers.
  • Weight loss is not a direct effect of the ionic foot spa.
  • Research studies have not been completed supporting the ionic foot spa.


Losing weight is an important part of many people’s lives. The ionic foot spa is just not a part of an effective weight loss plan. The cost of one foot spa can be more than $2000 not to mention the upkeep of the machine and replacement arrays needed every 20 to 40 uses. Consumers may wish to shy away from the ionic foot spa as part of their weight loss program and save a couple thousand dollars. Proven fat burners and thermogenics are far less expensive and may work more toward the user’s advantage.

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