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Ionithermie Review - Does This Cellulite Treatment Actually Work? Are adverse effects and customer complaints deal breakers?

Editor's Review: 2.9 / 5.0

ionithermie-product-imageIn my never-ending quest to find the best diet product, this week I reviewed Ionithermie. Here at DietSpotlight we dug deep, focusing closely on the side effects, ingredients, clinical research and level of customer service. We additionally read through dozens of customer comments and user responses we found on the internet. Lastly, we compacted all of the data we collected to give you the info you need.

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What You Need To Know

Ionithermie is described as the “firming body specialist.” Specifically these are spa treatments that are intended to remove inches from your figure and allow you to look slimmer and more well toned. This body treatment is available on cruise ships, in salons and clinics, as well as at home. There are Ionithermie products available that allow you to treat your cellulite and problem areas in the comfort of your own home. Some of the ingredients used in these products are; Guarana Extract, Seaweed, Amino Acids, ATP, Ivy, INA and Micronized Algae. Iontophoresis or galvanic current is also used to treat the tissue at a cellular level.

This treatment has been available for over 30 years and the products are sold directly through the main website. There are some before and after photos and customer testimonials posted on the website as well, but read on…

Adverse Effects – Concerning?

“It’s clear that some women have experienced adverse effects from Ionithermie. In fact, some customers have complained of body rash, burning sensations and even bleeding after these treatments,” says our Research Editor.

“I had a round of treatment whilst on a cruise in December. Since then I have just started my first period, and am experiencing an extremely painful burning sensation around my lower front,” said one user.

Another person commented, “Bought the at-home kit. After about 3 weeks of use I started bleeding.”

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Customer Complaints – Another Issue

We did find some customer complaints posted on the web for Ionithermie. One user stated, “This was the WORST investment I have ever made!!!! Totally disappointed. I was told that I lost 11 inches after one treatment, and I do not believe in it. I wear size 4, and after my treatment I tried my favorite jeans on and DID NOT notice any difference!”

“I tried this and saw no results whatsoever! What a rip off! It cost me almost $200,” said another customer.

The research we’ve done over the years has shown if there is a certain aspect of a weight loss treatment or diet program that is very burdensome (adverse effects, too many customer complaints, unpleasant taste) the likelihood of long-term results is slim. So, if Ionithermie does in fact result in a lot of customer complaints, this could be a serious issue.

Any Real Science?

The official website for Ionithermie does not mention clinical studies or science. This is unfortunate, because we at DietSpotlight prefer to see published research that supports the weight loss product or system we are investigating.

The Bottom Line: Does Ionithermie Work?

So, should you spend your money on Ionithermie? Well, we like Ionithermie’s longevity as a product and some testimonials we saw about it on the official website. However, we have some doubts about it because it’s not backed by actual clinical research. Also, we’re concerned about the adverse effects of Ionithermie and the customer complaints we found on the web.

If you’d like to get rid of more pounds, then we encourage you to try a weight loss product that is supported by solid science, does not cause any adverse effects and is backed by all sorts of positive customer reviews.

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How Does Ionithermie Compare?

Previous Ionithermie Review (Updated September 20, 2012):

What You Should Know

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Ionithermie is an electricity-based detox treatment used to reduce the appearance of cellulite and slim the body. It is purported to break down fatty acids, fat tissue, and purge the body of toxins that build up over time. Many websites claim that this process improves skin texture, firms and tones muscles, and detoxifies the body by raising energy levels and the metabolism. There are differing opinions on the slimming effects, with treated areas reportedly slimming anywhere from 1 to 8 inches. This process was created in 1978 by Olivier Fouche, a French biochemist. Ionithermie is only recently available in the United States. Clinical tests have shown positive results but there is no scientific literature substantiating the claims about Ionithermie.


Not found.

Product Features

When spas employ Ionithermie, they use several types of micronized or cleansing algae and thermal clays. The area is then covered with a layer of fabric and a conductive coat of thermal clay. Electrodes are attached to the fabric and an electrical current is passed through. The electrodes combine two types of electronic stimulation and are applied for 30 minutes to an hour. The faradic (electric) stimulation works as an exercise to promote muscle and skin tone. Galvanic stimulation uses both positive and negative ions to extract toxins from deep within the body. Once complete, the application is removed and lotion is applied to the skin.

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  • Ionithermie has been in use for almost 30 years.


  • Ionithermie can only be used in a licensed spa or other beauty institute.
  • Electric stimulation can give some people an unpleasant sensation.
  • Ionithermie's results are not long term.
  • The price for the Ionithermie treatments are around $125 to $150 each.


Treatments such as this have been featured in many popular women's magazines such as O and Glamour but we can't find much evidence to suggest they work well. They may tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite but it's a short term fix. If you are interested in this treatment we also suggest using a powerful weight loss product that includes a thermogenic compound to burn fat all day and night.

30 User Reviews About Ionithermie

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  • 1
    Beverly B

    Ive tried this product at home simply by applying to skin and wrapping with saran wrap. I dont see any improvements after five treatments. Do you have any suggestions for how to use and apply at home? Thanks


  • 2

    I had this treatment on a cruise 3 years ago, IT WORKS. as a matter of fact it is the ONLY cellulite treatment that does work and ice tried a few including lazer lipo which is the biggest rip off going. The results for ionithermie lasted about a year but I worked at my diet Nd excercise, during winter I slacked and it came back.


  • 3
    Elizabeth B

    I had a session done on my cruise and like 2 hrs later my bottom, lower back and legs are itching very badly and I have small bumps. I thought it would go away the next day but I still have the itching. any suggestions please?


    Your Name

    It’s called prickly heat your are sensitive to heat avoid treatment for 2days it will go away


  • 4
    Judy Aitken

    Bought the at home kit. After about 3 weeks of use I started bleeding. At 69, it’s not my period. Went to E.R, and the Dr. said I have thickening in my uterus walls and that’s causing the bleeding. Could this product cause the thickening?


  • 5

    Hi im from SA. I worked on a cruise ship as an Ioni therapist. I LOVE it. I would love to use it in my Salon… is there a way I can purchase the machine and products?


  • 6
    Gayle Taylor

    While on a recent cruise, I had 3 treatments of ionithermie, and am pleased to say that I lost 15 inches. I’m now home in California and can not find this kind of treatment locally. Can you please tell me the difference between
    ionithermie and zerona, cool sculpting? or: is there another treatment LIKE ionthermie called by another name?
    Thank you.


  • 7

    I would to try this. However, I had a tear in my heart last year for no reason. This resulted in a heart attack. I am on a beta blocker and ace inhibitor. I am not over weight but could lose inches. Is it a safe procedure to try after having a heart attack?


    Gangadei Deonarine

    Am I a candidate for this treatment even though I have a couple of stents. Thanks.


  • 8

    Where can I get this treatment in Louisville, KY? I had it on a cruise and am doing the home care but would like to continue with additional treatments.


  • 9

    I am undecided about whether to pursue this fairly expensive treatment in order to lose inches from my arms, stomach, abs and thighs. Any advice would be welcomed!


  • 10

    I had a round of treatment whilst on a cruise in December. Since then I have just started my first period, and am experiencing an extremely painful burning sensation around my lower front.(Ovaries?) I have had my tubes done for many years, and since I have metal clamps, was wondering could the treatment have caused this pain? The therapist assured me that it would cause no problems!



    Just had a treatment on a cruise. The initial waver papers ask if you have any metal in your body and the therapist asked again prior to the treatment so I assume that it could cause a problem if one does have any internal metal.


  • 11

    Just started a three session round of Ionithermie. Not quite sure what to make of it. BUT, like all things of this nature, the loss of weight and a healthier body is all about changes in lifestyle. What one wills the will do. What one wishes simply will not happen.


  • 12

    hi if you want to try any treatment as Ionethermie, lipomax rf, skrink wrap system or different kin of laser treatments you have to visit Beautiful me of malibu…310 5980072…call for an appointment


  • 13

    I tried this treatment two weeks ago on a cruise. This was the WORST investment I had ever made!!!! Totally disappointed. I was told that I lost 11 inches after one treatment, and I do not believe in it. I wear size 4, and after my treatment I tried my favorite jeans on and DID NOT notice any difference! I am working out about 3 times per week, and I lost 10 pounds of “baby weight” after my second one. Believe me, I know how it feels to loose every pound. My biggest disappointment was my stomach. I was working really hard to get “flat stomach” back after two children, and I reached my goal. This treatment stretched my stomach muscles, and now I look like 4 months pregnant even on empty stomach in the morning. I feel like my stomach felt out…VERY disappointing. (If you have ever been in chiropractor’s office, they use same kind of treatment to stretch your muscles to release pain). Last, I’m missing my period (had never happened in my life, except my two pregnancies). I am very anxious what happened. I would never ever have this treatment again. If you would like to try one, please consider the following before you do: 1-doctor’s consultation, including gynecologist;
    2-read plenty of other people reviews;
    3-do not do it on your stomach area if you care about your internal organs, do tights only.
    Good luck!


  • 14

    What ever happened to eating better? Why fall victim to all these scams and short term fixes pills,…electrodes and algae…come on people.
    Save your money and buy some wholesome organic food and change your life. Eatin fast food and poppin pills aint gonna do s**t.



    Hey, i just got off a cruise and it worked,, i was told to not drink alchohol at least the for the rest of the day after I did it. I did it twice, the first time i lost 7 inches, the second time i lost 5 inches. This REALLY works, and is healthy if done correctly, but it shouldn’t be used as the go-to, but just a boost or start to a healthy lifestyle! It truly worked for me and i’m doing the follow up treatments! I highly recommend it to anyone with extra water weight, as that was what my problem was and I do eat very healthy and am skinny, just had horrible watery thigh bulges from bad lifestyle in my teens and twenties!


  • 15

    I tried this treatment on my cruise in march 2011. I loved it. I noticed and felt an improvement immediately and My family even noticed a difference. I am an active women who works out 3 days a week and eats well avoiding junk food, processed foods, coffee and alcohol. I tried the treatment because I felt my body needed a boost. I wanted to create a more smooth appearance. I am not sure how long the results will last but I find the price discouraging. I am a size 6/8 and lost 7 inches in two treatments. My friend lost 9 inches in one treatment. We are hoping to lengthen the effects of the treatment by using the brush and following the recommendations of avoiding putting toxins back in our body. This process didn’t eliminate the cellulite but it definitely improved the appearance and tone.


  • 16

    Where can I have this procedure done in the Detroit MI area?


  • 17
    Claudia Calisto

    Other advantages of Ionithermie are: Detoxification, Remineralisation, Improved skin. Results are long lasting if one uses a dry body brush daily with home care products. If you want to look gorgeous, then you need to spend a little time on yourself!



    What kind of home care products? And are you talking about just a regular hair brush?


  • 18
    Jen Brazier

    I had this treatment done and I have a copper IUD. What could happen?


    Claudia Calisto

    Nothing can happen. Ionithermie should not be applied directly above the area where the copper IUD is because the metal can attract the electrical current, causing significant pain during the treatment. If you didn’t experience this, nothing has happened.


  • 19

    I had ionithermie on a cruise 2 weeks ago and lost more inches from my hips/buttocks than I wanted to. Will this be permanent? Will I be able to “spot gain” what I lost?



    I am going on a cruise next week and was considering this spa treatment. I would like my thighs to look toner for the weekend. Will this really work?


  • 20

    I had Ionithermie on a cruise in 2006; I lost 44 inches (aggregate) in 4 treatments; I had since been looking for a place that offered locally, and finally found one. In two treatments, I’ve lost 22 inches (aggregate – measurements from ribcage to hips), and KEPT IT OFF. Yes it’s a quick fix for those who want to firm and tighten in order to get into that evening dress or for a special occasion; but it is actually better to commit to a program of regular sessions in order to make progress in INCH loss. The electrical impulses are more like a tingling, not a shocking sensation; they contract the muscles and help push toxins into the lymph system, where the body can then flush them out. I’d say one session of Ionithermie is equal to 10 Pilates sessions, for comparison. I highly recommend it.



    Is there a place in Calgary, AB that does this treatment?


  • 21

    how do i apply the products at home? I bought a kit



    If you go to the website:
    timetospa.com and search ‘ionithermie’ you will find instructions there for the drybrushing towards the heart, then apply cleansing formula,then the application of products (rub them on) – it’s best to leave the products on overnight – I have several of these products for at-home maintenance between my spa sessions – I hope this helps :)


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