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What You Should Know

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Iovate Health is a supplement company that markets a long list of muscle builders, fat burners and stacking supplements. They currently operate online under the MuscleTech name, but many of their products are not associated with the MuscleTech brand. The Canadian based company has been in the news in past months for a voluntary recall of the Hydroxycut supplement line.

List of Ingredients

Ingredients will vary widely based on the Iovate Health supplement chosen.

Product Features

The most popular supplements created by Iovate Health are the MuscleTech line. Branch Warren and Dexter Jackson, two professional bodybuilding champions, support the use of MuscleTech and views from these athletes can be found on the official website. Among the products formulated for MuscleTech by Iovate Health focus on testosterone, nitric oxide and creatine. Whey protein is another huge seller for MuscleTech.

In the fat burning category, Hydroxycut is by far the most important Iovate Health supplement. The product has recently been reformulated due to concerns of liver damage due to certain ingredients in the Hydroxycut line. Iovate Health voluntarily removed the old product from shelves all over the world and replaced the product with a safer alternative. Hydroxycut is the only thermogenic created by Iovate Health.

The new ingredients in Hydroxycut Hardcore include green tea extract, caffeine and white willow extract. These are the three most effective ingredients in the formula. Both green tea and caffeine have been proven to increase metabolism and calorie burn. White willow can be used as a pain reliever and may help to relieve post workout pain. Unfortunately for Iovate Health, these ingredients are part of a proprietary blend which means the consumer has no idea how much of each ingredient is included in one dose of Hydroxycut.

Products offered by Iovate Health will vary in price, but the Hydroxycut Hardcore can be found online and offline for around $30 to $40. Online orders will probably include shipping and handling costs as well.

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  • Iovate Health offers a variety of supplements for fitness.
  • Product descriptions are easy to find and read online.


  • Hydroxycut Hardcore is the only fat burner created by Iovate Health.
  • Ordering from the official website is not supported.
  • Iovate Health reformulated Hydroxycut due to potential health risks with the old formula.
  • Conclusion

    Iovate Health is a leader in nutritional supplementation for muscle building. No products, aside from the one fat burner, have been associated with health risks or problems. Most supplements are formulated, however, to build muscle faster and thus gain weight. With sponsors like Branch Warren and Dexter Jackson, it is clear Iovate Health is more of a muscle company than a fat loss company. There are proven fat burners that may help the dieter to lose more weight, safely.

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