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Iovate is a nutritional company that claims to drive the nutraceutical market. The company started in 1996 as a small company offering supplements to people who wanted products that worked. Today, there are multiple headquarters and more than 250 employees working under the Iovate name. The company has not always received great press. There have been lawsuits filed by the Food and Drug Administration against the company for making false claims about supplements and their effect on the body. Iovate performs in house research. This research can be flawed to support claimed effects. Dieters should always look for third-party outside research before trusting a supplement.

List of Ingredients

Company researching and selling nutraceutical supplements.

Product Features

Iovate Health Sciences is responsible for products like Xenadrine. Over the years, Xenadrine has been through the gamut of ingredients, including Ephedra. Today, no Ephedra products are still available on the market, but the company maintains a foothold in the weight loss industry by constantly updating formulas with new and popular ingredients. Other popular supplements but Iovate Health Sciences include Professional Strength Whey Protein, Premium Acai, Joint MD and Hoodia Sure. Products like Hoodia Sure include ingredients that are not proven to reduce appetite or increase metabolism.

Iovate Health Sciences does not list clinical trials results on many supplement websites. This is a concern to dieters who want to lose weight with proven ingredients. There are clinical trials for green tea, chromium and caffeine, among other ingredients. There are outside sources for clinical research. All the dieter needs is a list of ingredients and a personal computer to research ingredients.

Hydroxycut is associated with Iovate Health Sciences. In 2009, Hydroxycut was pulled from the market by the company for potential health risks. When the supplement came back out, it contained a different formula with few proven ingredients. Dieters have not recovered trust for the company since that time.

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  • Iovate Health Sciences is a trusted name in weight loss supplements.
  • Some products are created with proven ingredients.
  • Products are sold at affordable prices.
  • Supplements are available in a variety of stores.


  • Some products are laced with negative press like Hydroxycut.
  • Not all ingredients are proven.
  • Some products are overpriced.
  • Clinical research is not available for all products.


Iovate Health Sciences has been around since 1996. The company pushes weight loss research to the limits, constantly creating new and exciting weight loss products. Past products have contained Ephedra and other dangerous ingredients, but this is not something other companies have not endured. As a whole, the company offers good formulas and bad formulas, but outside clinical research is lacking for most supplements.

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