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IPI Protein Isolate is a protein powder supplement by Protein Factory. The powder contains a wide range of amino acids, but that is common of any protein powder. According to the product description, ISI Protein Isolate is created from skim milk and cheese whey. The product is time-released so users can drink a protein shake before bed and gain the lasting effects of protein throughout the night when muscles are recovering from the day’s workout.

Protein Factory offers more than 10 different varieties and combinations of protein powder. Some, like ISI Protein Isolate, allow the user to add ingredients such as creatine and Carbogen to create a personalized protein mixture. The base protein is great for use any time of the day. Adding different ingredients could change that. If creatine were added, for instance, the protein powder would only be used after a workout and not before bed.

List of Ingredients

ISI Protein Isolate from Cheese Whey and Skim Milk.

Product Features

Protein powders are one of the more commonly used supplements in bodybuilding. Dieters and athletes also use protein powder to promote healthy muscle growth and recovery after a workout. Each serving of ISI Protein Isolate contains 110 calories and 26 grams of protein. Base shake mix is carbohydrate free and fat free, making the protein ideal for weight loss. Dieters following a low carbohydrate plan will need to add fat to the protein mix, but they do not have to worry about carbohydrate impact from sugars or other fillers.

Protein has been clinically proven to inhibit hunger between meals. It takes time for the digestive system to break down protein and thus any other food in the stomach must wait longer for digestion when protein is included with the meal.

The amino acid profile listed for ISI Protein Isolate is not compared to any other protein powders. This information could set ISI Protein Isolate apart from other products, but if comparable information is not provided, the consumer has no idea why these numbers are important. All protein powder contains amino acids.

The base price for ISI Protein Isolate is $11.25. Each of the available ingredients the consumer can add to the protein powder increases the price.

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  • Amino acid profile is listed on the Protein Factory website.
  • No carbohydrates, fats or fillers.


  • No comparable amino acid profiles listed.
  • No free trial.
  • Additional ingredients come with additional cost.


ISI Protein Isolate may be an improved from of protein, but Protein Factory does not sell that fact to the visitor. There is no information listed to set ISI Protein Isolate apart, aside from the claims of being anti-catabolic and more easily digested. This can be said about many other Protein Factory supplements.

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