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Iron Gym is a piece of fitness equipment that can be attached to a door frame in any room of the home. When attached, the user can complete chin ups and pull ups or move the unit to the floor for sit ups and pushups. An official website is available with equipment details, ordering information and videos pertaining to how the equipment can be used in the home.

List of Ingredients

Steel fitness bar.

Product Features

According to the information on the website, the Iron Gym can be used on any door of the home or the floor to meet fitness goals. The unit can be attached to a door in just seconds with no bolts or screws needed for use. Upper body and core exercises can be performed on the Iron Gym but no cardio movements are supported.

Weight loss often weighs heavily on cardio exercise and lower body weight lifting to increase metabolism. The Iron Gym is not created for either of these types of fitness which is a negative to the consumer. The cost of the gym is $40.00 plus shipping and handling. Special offers, such as buy one get one free with additional shipping costs are available from time to time. The shipping and handling cost for one Iron Gym is $12.99 which means the total cost for two units will be around $66.

In addition to the Iron Gym fitness equipment, the consumer will receive a fitness guide and nutritional guide. There is no information on what type of nutritional diet the Iron Gym manufacturers support or whether the guide will suggest how to lose weight or build muscle.

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  • Iron Gym allows online ordering.
  • One free unit is offered for additional shipping and handling.
  • A money back guarantee is available for 30 days after purchase less shipping and handling.


  • The major muscle groups associated with weight loss are not worked with the Iron Gym.
  • Very few exercises can be performed on the unit.
  • The average woman cannot complete one pull up so the unit will not be used enough to induce weight loss.
  • There is no information on what type of nutrition the Iron Gym company supports.


The Iron Gym seems to be just another piece of fitness equipment built on hype. The same exercises, aside from pull ups, can be completed without the Iron Gym in any home. Upper body muscles build very slowly and will never offer the calorie burn associated with building lower body muscle. The effect on weight loss, if used regularly, will be very minimal at best. Also, the second unit cannot be used at the same time as the first so the extra cost is not worth the extra unit.

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