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Iron Tek is a company that produces a variety of supplements. It appears as most of the supplements are targeted at bodybuilders, but there is one product that stands out that may reveal some weight loss capabilities for the average dieter. The name of this product is Lumatol AC. In this review, the facts will be examined so that the effectiveness of this product as a weight loss agent for the average dieter may be determined.


While exploring the Iron Tek website for clues about their products, there was a supplement, Lumatol AC, that was located that seems to be closer related as a weight loss agent than any other product that was listed. While researching this product we were able to locate a section that was titled “Supplement Facts”. This section included a list of ingredients for the product Lumatol AC. This list consists of SLIMALUMA, 7-Keto, Citrus Aurantium, Caffeine from Green Tea, Green Tea, and Octopalean. Some of these ingredients will now be further examined.

Product Features

SLIMALUMA-this is a trademarked ingredient. It is derived from a plant that is native to India. The name of this plant is Caralluma Fimbriata. It is a succulent plant that is similar to a cactus that was used in India during famines and droughts to decrease the feeling of hunger. 7-Keto-this works directly on the thyroid gland. It stimulates the thyroid so that it will increase the rate at which the metabolism burns fat. Citrus Aurantium- has been dubbed the safer alternative to Ephedra, despite the similar side effects that it may produce. Ephedra was banned in the United States for health related safety reasons. Green Tea and Caffeine- Caffeine has been proven to burn fat and Green Tea is loaded with essential antioxidants. Octopalean-this is a patented ingredient that is also known as Norsynephrine. If it is understood correctly, it is also another name for Citrus Aurantium. It is supposed to work by increasing adrenaline, causing the body to burn fat.

According to the Iron Tek website, Lumatol AC, this product is patented and proven to maximize your workout so that you may burn 3 times more fat than diet and exercise alone. Other claims that are listed indicate that this product may increase stamina during workouts and decrease the appetite of the dieter. This is all supposed to be done safely without any negative side effects.

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  • May effectively burn fat.


  • Contains ingredients that contain the same alkaloid makeup as Ephedra.
  • More of a product for bodybuilding enthusiasts than average dieters.


Lumatol AC by Iron Tek is said to be a trademarked ingredient that will help an individual to lose weight safely and effectively. However, while conducting research, it was determined that this product contains 2 possible forms of Citrus Aurantium with Caffeine. It has been noted by the Harvard Medical Board that this combination is not safe at all, especially for people with cardiovascular related problems, and that it is not understood why Citrus Aurantium has not been banned along with the Ephedra. It appears as though the phrase “safe product” tends to be misleading in this case. It is always best to consult a physician to determine a person’s own risk factors that may be associated with a product.

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