IronMagLabs Herbal Burn Review

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Herbal Burn appears to be a trademarked product that is being promoted as a weight loss product. It is manufactured by the company IronMagLabs. There have been claims made that suggest that this product may help people lose weight. In this review, we will examine the facts that are available to us so that we may understand more about this product and what its function is supposed to be.


It appears as thought IronMagLabs Herbal Burn is formulated with 3 ingredients. These ingredients are Cha de Bruge, Green Tea, and Guarana. Now we will take a closer look at the ingredients so that we may know what part each one plays in the functioning of this product.

Product Features

Cha de Bruge-this is an ingredient that is derived from a plant that is native to Brazil. It has been used to make a tea that is often used for weight loss in Brazil and is seen being sold along the beaches in Brazil. Other than the fact that it contains caffeine, there is very little to be known about this ingredient. Green Tea-this is a very common ingredient in weight loss products. It is known for the overwhelming amount of antioxidants and vitamins that this ingredient contains. Along with the antioxidants, this ingredient also contains caffeine. Guarana-this is an ingredient that is used in Brazilian soft drinks, like caffeine is used in American soft drinks. It contains large, concentrated amounts of caffeine.

While the research was being conducted for this product, IronMagLabs Herbal Burn, an official website was located that provided a description of what this product is supposed to do. According to the website, the results that this product may deliver include increased energy levels, higher metabolism, induced fat loss, cellulite prevention, and appetite suppression. It is self-dubbed as being a fat loss catalyst and diet formula. While researching on the website, there was what seemed to be a dosage recommendation. It seems as though the recommended dosage is to take one capsule in the morning, then another in the afternoon with 8 ounces of water, then gradually increase your dosage, but never exceeding 4 capsules within a 24 hour period. There were also a few customer reviews that were available for viewing, all of them supporting the promoted functioning of this product.

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  • Website provided a complete list of the ingredients.
  • Information was provided on dosing.
  • Appears to be an affordable price.


  • IronMagLabs Herbal Burn contains 3 ingredients and the main component is caffeine.
  • Little clinical information is available.
  • May cause “jitteriness” in some users.


If you go by the information that was provided about IronMagLabs Herbal Blend that was given on the website, then this product may be an effective fat burner. However, it has been recommended by several medical experts that mixing different forms of caffeine can produce uncomfortable side effects such as jitters and high blood pressure. The advice of a medical professional should always be sought when someone is considering starting IronMagLabs Herbal Burn or any other new medication or supplement.

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