IronMagLabs Satiety SRT Review

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IronMagLabs Satiety SRT appears to be one of the few of the weight loss products that are manufactured by IronMagLabs. It seems as thought this product was created as an appetite suppressant. In this review, this product will be examined in depth so that a proper analysis may be provided and there may be a better understanding of how this product is supposed to deliver the intended results.


While IronMagLabs Satiety SRT was being researched, there was a list of ingredients that were found. However, it appears as though Hoodia Gordonii is the only active ingredient that is contained in this product, so it will be examined with a more in-depth view.

Product Features

Hoodia Gordonii is a derivative from a plant that is native to Africa. It is often used as an appetite suppressant that works directly on the brain by telling the consumer they are already full. This ingredient contains a biologically active ingredient that is known as P57- Isoberberine Alkaloids. It was clinically proven to decrease appetites in a double blind study that was performed on overweight people. The clinical study was done at a lab called Phytofarm. It was documented that the people who were given the Hoodia Gordonii were able to effectively reduce their daily calorie consumption. It was then noted that there was a noticeable reduction in body fat when it was compared to the placebo group after only 2 weeks.

IronMagLabs Satiety SRT is a weight loss product that can suppress one’s appetite by tricking the brain into thinking that it is full. It appears as though IronMagLabs Satiety SRT relies solely on the containment of the clinically proven ingredient Hoodia Gordoni to deliver the desired effects of a suppressed appetite with a lot less hunger. The way that it works begins with the dosage. The dieter is supposed to consume 1 tablet in the early morning, 1 tablet in the early afternoon with 8 ounces of water, never exceeding 3 tablets each day. By doing this, the Hoodia Gordoni works on the part of the brain that is known as the Hypothalamus Gland. This is the part of the brain that tells you when you are hungry. The Hoodia Gordonii that is found in IronMagLabs Satiety SRT tells the brain that you have already consumed a certain amount of food, therefore alleviating the feeling of hunger and effectively reducing the amount of food that is eaten.

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  • Does not contain stimulants that may affect the heart.


  • Does not contain anything that could help boost the metabolism.
  • The brand’s customer service policies are not very clear.
  • Few if any actual clinical studies have been done on Hoodia, despite it’s current popularity.


IronMagLabs Satiety SRT is a product that contains Hoodia Gordonii, and ingredient that has the clinical proof to back up the claims of being an appetite suppressant that will help the dieter to lose weight. It was proven in a double blind study that it will help the dieter to reduce their body fat by helping to reduce the daily calorie consumption. It is a very popular belief in the weight loss industry that it is necessary to reduce caloric ingestion in order to lose weight, and this product could very well help a dieter to do so by reducing their appetite.

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