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IsaDelight is produced by Isagenix, who is a leading manufacturer of chocolate supplements full of vitamins and nutrients to help support a healthy lifestyle. Paul Anderson, MD., founded IsaDelight after years of extensive research in natural pain relief. He developed the “Happy Chocolates that Satisfy” in order to help curb appetites, burn fat, as well as enhance moods and your overall health. IsaDelight dark chocolates are full of key nutrients including amino acids and Vitamin B in order to help curb hunger, boost energy, support mental focus and functioning, and help you to remain calm and balanced. Isagenix created IsaDelight in order to help emotional eaters with their daily battle with eating and managing their weight. These chocolates are proven to calm the impulse to keep eating, which ultimately leads to overeating and thus weight gain. Chocolate is a rich, delectable food and is proven to curb these cravings by elevating hormones and offsetting negative emotions due to a boost of serotonin. IsaDelight chocolates are low in calories and have a real chocolate taste that satisfies any extra cravings you may have.


IsaDelight dark chocolates contain over 70% non-alkaline cocoa powder specially produced in Isagenix’s unique facility. There are no artificial sweeteners included and contain a high amount of amino acids, vitamin B, as well as other natural ingredients.

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Chocolate is proven to have several health benefits. Some vital benefits in dark chocolate include powerful antioxidants which help protect the body from harmful substances. It is packed with amino acids as well as other high amounts of vitamins and minerals. IsaDelight dark chocolates help significantly reduce cravings, which can often lead to overeating and visible weight gain. They are a guiltless treat, and can be eaten whenever you feel the need for any type of food craving coming on. However, once you eat one, your food craving will most likely go away. IsaDelight chocolates are made with all natural ingredients, no artificial sweeteners, and are produced and manufactured in the United States. They are sold at several natural food stores.

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  • Chocolate is already proven to be rich in antioxidants.
  • Helps reduce food cravings.
  • Packed with vitamins and minerals and contains all natural ingredients.
  • Website contains thorough information including videos.


  • May not work for everyone.
  • Hardly any testimonials on website.
  • No money-back or satisfaction guarantee available.


IsaDelight chocolates contain several different qualities that can benefit your health. They reduce food cravings, are low in calories, boost serotonin which leads to better moods, and overall is a safe and natural way to enjoy chocolate without having to worry about calories and fat. IsaDelight chocolates are guiltless pleasures that can be found at several health food stores.

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  • 1

    I took this product on the basis it was a health food supplement. I was not told it was for weight reduction as this is something I don’t need. It created adverse reactions: dizziness, unable to sleep except for fitful dozing with no proper deep sleep. As a result I have reported this to Health Canada.


  • 2

    is this product safe for type 2 diabetic


  • 3
    sheila moseley

    Have you had the ORAC value done on the Isadelight Plus?