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iShape is an online program that was designed to help people to lose weight and get in shape. It is sponsored by the magazine that is known as Shape. It appears as though it attempts to customize a plan that a dieter could follow so that they can reach their weight loss and fitness goals. In this review, the different points of the program may be addressed so that there may be a better understanding of what could be expected if an individual were to take part in such a program.


It appears as though the iShape program offers several different options and tools that may be useful to help a dieter lose weight. Some of these features may include customized strength and cardio workouts, meal planning, and daily email reminders of what the dieter’s program will consist of that day.

Product Features

The iShape program seems to offer a complete list of tools that are supposed to assist the dieter in losing weight and reaching the fitness goals that are desired. There is a calculator that will help the inquiring individual find out which program they will need to use. These programs are designed for beginners, people who are trying to get back into a routine, or for people that are simply trying to maintain their already achieved fitness and weight loss goals. Some other tools that may be available are recipes, weekly shopping list, interactive tracking logs to document progress, instructional online videos that consists of strength training exercises, and what appears to be a support forum to help people that need support and encouragement. It also appears to offer an incentive program for everyone that an already existing customer that successfully encourages another person to join. It is a $10 incentive for everyone that is signed up for a monthly subscription, and $20 for every person that signs up and pays in advance for a full years subscription.

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  • Offers meal plans for vegetarians.
  • Can include or exclude certain foods that you may like or not like from your menu.
  • May be able to purchase prepackaged foods.
  • You can make money while you lose weight.


  • Relies solely on the dieter’s personal assessment which may not be reliable.
  • There does not appear to be a phone number for customer service.
  • There were no options for diabetics to be found.


It appears as if iShape may prove to be beneficial for people who are wanting a little extra push to help them lose weight. For a seemingly low price that may be cheaper than going to a clinic or gym, you can receive all of the above listed features. However, there are also other websites that offer the same things with even more features and products for an even lower price…free.

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    What are the side effects of this tablet… N does it amount to oily substance in motion likely it is blood type