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It appears as if Isochrome is a product that is being promoted as a weight loss agent. It appears as if this product is manufactured by a company that is known as Isotonix. Claims have been stated that this product may be able to help someone to lose weight by increasing their energy, stamina, and metabolism. In this review, the facts that have been provided will be examined so that the overall effectiveness of the product may be determined.


There was a list of ingredients that were found while researching Isochrome. The ingredients that were listed were Chromium, L-Carnitine, and Co-Enzyme Q-10. Now the function of these ingredients will be explained in further detail.

Product Features

Chromium-Since there are several forms of Chromium and it is uncertain of which type Isochrome, it will just have to be explained in general. This ingredient is thought to be necessary for the metabolization of sugar in the body. It may be able to prevent the sugar from being converted to fat and use it as energy instead. L-Carnitine-Although this ingredient has been proven to help with some cardiovascular related issues and other things that may promote good health, it seems as though it’s function as a weight loss agent may be over rated. Co-Enzyme Q-10-this is an ingredient that is an excellent source of antioxidants and it may have a good effect on someone’s overall health. The reason for it being used as a weight loss agent is unsure of at this time.

Isochrome is a product that is produced for the purpose of helping a dieter to lose weight. There have been claims made about this product that may suggest that this product is full of all of the vitamins and minerals that the body needs. This formula is supposed to promote proper maintenance on your blood sugar. According to an information source, this may help the body to produce more energy. It has been noted that if Isochrome is used properly along with a healthy diet and exercise that it may help with weight reduction. Another feature that has been noted by the source is that it may help the body to properly absorb nutrients and that it is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. This is supposed to enhance the amount of nutrients that is absorbed by the body so that it may function better and deliver overall better health.

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  • Promotes a healthy diet and exercise.
  • Can enhance overall health.


  • Difficult for the average person to understand the scientific proof that is provided.
  • Does not appear to contain any appetite suppressants.
  • Does nto seem to be a very potent formulation.


It appears as though Isochrome is a product that will help the dieter to lose weight by controlling their blood glucose levels. For some people, this may be enough, but for other’s, that may not be the case. It has been found that most people need a product with a little more punch, such as one that contains an appetite suppressant and a metabolic booster. There appear to be neither of these types of supplements contained in Isochrome.

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