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Isopure shakes are a product of Nature’s Best, and can be purchased in powder form to be mixed with liquid when ready to use. The shakes come in a variety of flavors that include strawberries and cream, Dutch chocolate and vanilla. The shakes are designed as a low carb meal replacement that is lactose and aspartame free and low fat. The shakes have about 220 calories per serving, making these shakes comparable to many other meal replacement products on the market today. We will take a closer look at the Isopure formula to see if it offers anything above and beyond the standard weight loss supplements on the market today.

While some people have seen success with meal replacement shakes like these, the problem often lies in the ability to maintain the weight loss once the shakes are stopped. That is why many fitness and diet experts will not recommend meal replacement shakes as the best method for weight loss. Instead, a low calorie diet, daily exercise and an effective weight loss supplement are often the method of choice.


The Isopure shakes are packed with nutrients, and are particularly heavy on the protein, with 84% of the daily value included in a single serving. On the flip side, these shake mixes are light on carbohydrates and provide absolutely no fat. Unfortunately, they also don’t offer any fiber, which is an important part of a healthy daily diet. While this is not necessarily a problem in a regular diet supplement, it may be a concern in a meal replacement option.

Product Features

The Isopure shakes are not directly available from the company website, which means we were unable to find any sort of free trial offer or money back guarantee. While there appear to be a number of online retailers that offer this product, we like to see a company that offers their products directly to the consumer for convenience of shopping.

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  • Meal replacement shakes are a popular method of weight loss today.
  • The Isopure shakes come in a variety of flavors.


  • Meal replacement programs are not always the best choice for long term weight loss.
  • The products are not available directly from the company.
  • We were unable to find a money back guarantee or free trial offer.


Meal replacement shakes are a popular weight loss method today, which is why there is a large selection of these products available. However, their ability to aid in a long term weight loss program is not completely proven. We believe the best way to permanent weight loss is with a low calorie diet, daily exercise and a proven weight loss supplement that contains an appetite suppressant and fat burner. These shakes don’t appear to include either one.

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