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There are a number of products you can take to enhance your body and overall performance. However, this does not mean all of these supplements are legal. As you have probably seen before, many athletes get in trouble for taking “performance enhancing” products. Therefore it is very important to understand exactly what it is you are taking. You also need to know if any side effects apply. We created this review to elaborate on Isotropin. There are a few different products on the market at this point that contain Isotropin. We are scrutinizing a spray formula.


  • Arginine
  • Ornithine
  • L-Lysine
  • Glutamine
  • Colostrum
  • Ornitine Alphaketogluterate
  • Glycine

Product Features

Isotropin is also known as an HGH supplement. Human Growth Hormones are supposed to assist by encouraging weight loss, restoring youthful beauty, boosting energy levels, improving endurance, and strengthening the immune system. Your mood and sleep habits may also improve with this supplement. Many weight lifters and bodybuilders take Isotropin or some type of HGH product to encourage muscle growth.

The ingredients found in Isotropin spray are Glycine, Arginine, Ornithine, L-Lysine, Glutamine, Colostrum, and Ornitine Alphaketogluterate. These ingredients work together to encourage muscle development and strength. However, there are some side effects that might occur with Isotropin. These include joint pain, bodily swelling, serious bone problems, and other side effects. The actual effectiveness of Isotropin seems to depend on the user, which is pretty much like all supplements and weight loss products. Just be aware that this formula, as well as other HGH supplements is not specifically for fat loss. Therefore taking a product like this may not be worth the side effects, if you are not even trying to build lean muscle mass.

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  • Isotropin may help improve muscle growth.
  • This product may strengthen the immune system and boost endurance levels.


  • There are several side effects that may occur when taking Isotropin.
  • This product is not specifically for weight loss.
  • There are more promising diet pills and supplements available for fat loss.
  • This type of product will alter your hormone levels, which can be a problem.


We do not advice you to take a product like Isotropin spray. Nor do we encourage you to use human growth hormones at all. After all, these types of products can really mess with your hormone levels. This can result in serious side effects or health problems. You should also keep in mind that products like Isotropin are not specifically for weight reduction and management. It is important to speak with a licensed physician before taking a product like HGH supplements. This way you can get a better idea of the ups and downs pertaining to this supplement.

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    Which of your reviewed products is best for muscle growth? Weight loss is not an issue. 22 years old.