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IsoWhey is an Australian weight loss program with supplements and weight loss bars. The protein used in IsoWhey products is easier to digest, according to the website description. Whey protein provides a lean source of protein ideal for weight loss, if added fats and sugars do not blow the calorie totals out of proportion. IsoWhey is sweetened with xylitol, so there are no added calories from sugars. Xylitol is a natural sweetener. The products have no casein, gluten or preservatives.

List of Ingredients

IsoWhey products for weight loss – IsoWhey Complete, IsoWhey High Protein Snack Bars, IsoWhey High Protein Functional Bars, IsoWhey Energy and IsoWhey Fibre.

Product Features

According to the weight management portion of the IsoWhey website, burning stored fat is the key to healthy, long-lasting weight loss. Fad diets tend to reduce water retention, which leads to a change on the scale, but that change is only temporary. There are sections about weight loss and health, controlling weight loss and changing lifestyle and eating habits to achieve weight loss. None of these sections directly mention IsoWhey products, but they do explain the need for healthy, long-term weight loss for improved health.

A free diet plan is available to website visitors explaining the IsoWhey weight management program. There are two main weight loss plans – the 6-week and 10-day plan. The 6-week change is for people who want to adopt new a new lifestyle to start losing weight and learn how to keep the weight off. The 10-day program is for people who want to see changes right now. After reaching weight loss goals, the dieter follows the maintenance phase to keep weight off.

The 6-week plan includes low glycemic foods with one meal replacement shake per day using an IsoWhey product. This program sounds an awful lot like an Atkins or other low carb diet. The 10-day plan is promoted as a plateau breaker. No carbohydrates are allowed on the IsoWhey weight management program until the maintenance phase and then, only complex carbs are allowed once per day.

The IsoWhey booklet is free, but IsoWhey products sell on various websites in Australia and the world. Prices vary based on which website the dieter chooses. The protein shake sells for about $40 a container.

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  • Lean protein is a healthy addition to any weight loss program.
  • The diet pamphlet is free to all website visitors.
  • The IsoWhey protein shakes are available online.


  • Supplements do not include fat burners or appetite suppressants.
  • Shipping and handling may be expensive as products are sold throughout Australia.
  • Protein may not increase weight loss for some dieters.


The IsoWhey program for weight loss is another adaptation of a low carbohydrate eating plan. The plan is hard to follow with no complex carbohydrates allowed until the maintenance phase.

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    I am 23 year and 6 feet height 65 weight. Then hw I can increase my weight with muscels


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    Mary Hornby

    Does Isowhey contain Vitamin K? I’m.on Warfarin and can’t have Vitamin K. Also is it good for people with lactose intolerance?