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The Israeli Army Diet is a poor fad diet, that has no connection to the actual Israeli Army. It was a well known diet option in the ’70s, but still surfaces from time to time as a viable option for weight loss.

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The Israeli Army Diet is a very simple plan, but it is not healthy at all. The basic premise of the program is that you eat one food, and one food only for two days at a time. The entire program lasts eight days, and promises drastic weight loss result. For days one and two of the program, you should eat nothing but apples. You should stick to the same variety of apples all day for two days, but no specific type of apple is mentioned. For days three and four of the program you should eat nothing but cheese. You should stick to the same kind of cheese the whole time, rather than eating some cheddar, some Parmesan, etc. No specific type of cheese is mentioned. For days five and six of the program you should eat nothing but chicken. It does not say how to prepare the chicken, but we’d guess you shouldn’t be frying it. For days seven and eight of the program, you should eat nothing but salad. No specific type of salad is mentioned, but we’d imagine there should not be a ton of fatty dressing. In addition to the food you eat every day, you can drink water, black tea, or black coffee. There is no mention of how much you can eat in a day, or if you should exercise, too. This program should not be followed for any length of time.

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  • There are no advantages to this diet program, and it is not recommended.


  • This is a fad crash diet.
  • There is no nutritional balance to this diet.
  • There is no science to support this diet.
  • The calorie consumption is too low and will leave you feeling tired and could actually slow your metabolism down.
  • This cuts out a lot of foods.
  • There is no mention of exercise.


The Israeli Army Diet is not a weight loss program we recommend for any reason, for any quick fix. Instead, you should follow a sensible diet and exercise routine. Make sure you are nutritionally balanced, eating plenty of produce. Exercise at least three, but up to six times a week. Drink more water. Take a proven weight loss supplement, either as a fat burner, or appetite suppressant as directed along with the balanced diet and workout routine and you will see much better, longer lasting weight loss results.

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